Telepathy is an art that makes it possible to communicate with other merely through the power of mind and renders the capability to an individual to understand or read other person’s mind. The word, “telepathy” has been derived from ancient language of Greek and means “distant feeling” where the sympathy or understanding is enough strong among two or more people. However, it was not revealed until the end of 19th century when most of individuals start thinking about the working of mind. Witchcraft and telepathy has always gained the attention of people always. The messages received through different media such as dreams, crystal balls and tarot cards are sent through one’s mind, and on the other hand, telepathic techniques allow comprehending the thoughts and images coming from the spirit.

Several research works has been done in an endeavor to render the convincing evidence as how brain acquires the capability of telepathy and what phenomena occur exactly in the brain. Zenner cards are the simplest tests and involve five different shapes imprinted on them such as cross, square, circle, waves, triple and star. The major purpose behind these cards is that the specified subject must illustrate the thoughts or images of individuals holding the cards.

Most of individuals around the world believe that telepathy is just a scientific fiction and only the comic heroes can retain the powers of telepathy. However, some of them still believe in the techniques of telepathy. In telepathy, actually two or more individuals communicate with each other by using five major senses and is most commonly observed in twins.

Concentration is the major criterion that is accountable for sending thoughts to other through telepathy. If one is keen in learning the telepathy process, then he/she require preparing for a longer procedure that can be somewhat frustrating and even in some rare cases can not completely develop.

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