Three Powerful Methods to Develop Intuition

By Adriana Rose

Everyone has the ability to develop intuition. Intuition is not an exclusive gift, but something hidden within each person. This mysterious gem provides guidance in all aspects of life. Unfortunately, most people are accustomed to stifling their intuition because of how they are raised in society. Public education is centered around logic, reasoning, and the “right answers.” Intuition is something that cannot truly be explained. As a result, it is often underestimated and pushed aside as if it is hogwash.


Meditation is essential to nurturing intuition because it boosts your level of concentration and peacefulness. The inability of most people to concentrate efficiently is one of the top barriers to accessing their intuition. Meditation helps you focus on the present moment, not the past or future. A chaotic mind is another wall to developing intuition. Meditation quiets your mind, so you are more aware of your intuition. Therefore, it is recommended that you spare at least 15 minutes every day to reap the full benefits of meditation.

Blind Reading

David Stevens, the founder of Yoga of the Mind, advises that you practice blind readings to help you make difficult decisions and develop your intuition. This simple process involves contemplating the problem you are struggling with until you can think of three different solutions. Write each prospective option on a separate index card. Next, shuffle the cards blank side up and then set them face down on the table. Hold your hands over each card, without rushing, and assign a percentage based on how intensely you feel drawn to the card.

After each card has been evaluated and given a percentage, flip the index cards over and evaluate the choices based on the percentages. It is recommended to follow the card with the highest percentage, but it is up to you. Hold on to the cards until the situation is over, so you can determine whether or not you made the correct decision and assess your intuition's accuracy.

Red Light Green Light

Another great way to develop intuition is to use the red light green light method, based off of the childhood game. This method works for questions that require either yes or no responses. Imagine a traffic light and ask yourself questions that you already know the answers to. If the light turns red, the answer is no. If the light turns green, the answer is yes. Practicing this technique helps develop your intuition. Therefore, when you are in need of a yes or no response to a question, the red light green light method can provide trustworthy answers.

These three simple, powerful methods guide you along the path to allowing your intuition to blossom. Remember that the seed of intuition is within you waiting for the proper nourishment. Dedication, belief, and practice are the keys to unlocking your intuition. Through meditation, blind readings, and the red light green light method, you can develop your intuition.

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