Each and every one of us is presented with some intuitions and Psychic powers by God. Psychic is basically a term that is usually put into use to describe all patrimonial skills and capabilities. There are several assortments of Psychic capabilities that are often linked with the inner nervous system of any individual and each one is enough capable to generate different sensations and taking out several unusual talents. Some individuals are naturally blessed with these skills while some of them like Psychic readers accomplish them by utilizing some techniques and methods.

Types of Psychic readings

The Psychic capability of an individual can be defined as metaphysical ability significant for extra sensory awareness. The person having this ability can forecast the real events happened in the past, happening in the present and to be happen in the future. Several types of physical abilities are there that are being put into use by several Psychic readers as per the needs of their customers. The most popular types of these types of readings have been described below; -

·         Aura Reading: - Aura reading is the capability of an individual to view the energy fields originating from living species. Aura is actually a luminous, vital and subtle energy source circle that envelopes each and every human being. The Psychics can experience and see auras and can understand completely the mind situation of a person.

·         Automatic Writing: - Automatic Writing is the ability of a person to write in sub conscious mind without using thoughts of conscious mind. It basically incorporates the messages from inner being about channeled beings or future events.

·         Clairaudience: - With this capability, one can hear some unusual sounds from divine showcasing the future information about the particular human. The sound is usually below the hearing capacity of human; only Psychic readers can perceive these sounds and information hidden in these. Kinesthetic and auditory impressions are also incorporated. The capability of Clairaudience is sometimes also used for hearing the sounds of dead individuals.

·         Channeling: - The capability of channeling enables an individual to receive a special message from the divine; he/she can speak the message and can also write down on the paper.

·          Intuitions: - It is popular as one of the most powerful Psychic capability among the common masses. It basically involves immediate uneasiness, cognition or direct knowledge without having to use normal though courses or logical interferences or physical senses.

·         Clairvoyance: - This capability allows the individuals to see some unusual pictures clearly and is a form of ESP of events, objects and distant people.

·         Clairsentience: - The Psychic readers having this ability can sense slight emotions, feelings and energy. It generally includes picking up the feelings or emotions from other people, places or things, known as empathy.

·         Psychometry: - This capability involve object reading and allows a Psychic reader to select the energy patterns via a physical object.

Some other types are Astral projection, telepathy, remote viewing and Telekinesis.

All above given information will certainly aid the people to take the maximum advantage of these Psychic capabilities to prevent unfortunate, hurtful and dangerous situations.             

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