Do you believe that you used to have more psychic ability than you have now? Alternatively, that your sixth sense doesn’t seem to be functioning properly as it should be? In addition, have you been through a series of heartbreaks? Or even just one major break-up that you don’t seem to be able to let go of? If you’ve answered yes to these questions, chances are that you are experiencing a psychic impasse caused by emotional baggage.

Emotional baggage usually stems from relationships that have gone sour. Although many people assume that residual pain generally stems from romantic relationships that have failed, in truth, emotional baggage can come from any type of relationship an individual has experienced as being painful where matters have been left unresolved.

Why emotional baggage blocks psychic ability

Emotional baggage can block psychic ability because it closes off your heart to new experiences and positive energy. Taking a leap of faith by trying new things and engaging in new relationships could result in further pain, so your system automatically places metaphorical sandbags around the entrance to your heart. Such baggage may save you from a further flood of sorrow, but it also blocks your joy and psychic energy.

To be able to function well your sixth sense needs to be able to flow freely, unhampered by restrictions. When you unwittingly decide to take a ‘once bitten twice shy’ approach to life you restrict yourself from living life fully, and from benefiting from psychic power. Instead, negativity guards your heart from intruders, whether they are outsiders or sparks of psychic energy emanating from intuition. It’s true that some people with a strong sixth sense manage to transform emotional baggage into negative psychic energy, but all it does is act as a psychic shield to further block their happiness. Positive zest and enthusiasm evades them. The only cure is to get rid of residual pain left from relationships that eat away at them.

How to get rid of emotional baggage

Just like real sandbags around a door, emotional baggage can be hard to remove. For one thing, it’s heavy, but the other problem can be that fear might prevent you from getting rid of it. You know that once it has gone your heart will be open and vulnerable. To liberate yourself from negative emotions you need to first want to. In short, you need to be ready.

There isn’t a set time limit on healing from pain, and everyone experiences grief and sadness in different ways. If the result of loss that stems from a relationship is strong, you will need to refrain from pushing away your protective shield too forcefully. Instead, encourage your psychic energy to return by gradually removing layers of baggage.

Stripping away baggage

Stripping away baggage need not involve intensively going over the past. At times, reliving painful events only serves to etch a deeper groove where even more pain can thrive, whereas taking a different tack does the opposite.

Instead of forcing the issue and attempting to remove heavy baggage from around your heart by force consider using positive energy from outside your psyche to help you.

Earth energy

Earth energy is grounding and fruitful. It encourages growth and new beginnings, and dissolves everything past its sell-by date. Rotting material disappears into the earth and becomes fodder for positive new life. Using the energy of the earth, you can convert emotional baggage into energy to help you move on.

To receive earth energy you need to picture roots cascading from your bare feet into the earth. See and feel the connection between you and the earth, and imagine nourishment from the soil entering your psyche and filling you with grounding energy.

At the same time, visualize the emotional baggage that clings to your heart gradually falling away and becoming part of the soil. Once the negativity you’ve held goes into the earth, it will be transformed into nourishing wisdom. As it feeds you, it will give you the strength that comes from past learning and knowledge, and help you seek out positive relationships and reclaim your sixth sense.

If your emotional baggage is heavy, you will need to practice healing with earth energy on a regular basis in order to fully benefit from its therapeutic influence. Stripping away the negativity left behind after a painful relationship need not be a harsh occurrence. Earth energy can help you dissolve fear and hurt so that your sixth sense is freed and you grow emotionally from past experiences.

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