Everyone is innately psychic. Our powers of intuition put us in touch with our environment, with the world at large and even with the streams of time (including future probabilities). We can sense events taking shape as surely as animals can sense approaching storms.

Those people who are formally considered “psychics” are simply the ones who trusted their natural abilities enough to develop them. Trust is crucial. Psychic abilities seem inaccessible to so many of us because our cultural conditioning has taught us to discount them. Modern society emphasizes the path of logical thinking and largely represses material that comes into consciousness in any other way. The only way to escape this narrow box is to believe in yourself and your own perceptions.

Psychic abilities strengthen with use much like muscles do. Once you’ve made the clear decision to trust yourself then new insights and impressions – formerly repressed – may bubble up into your conscious mind. These will begin to assert themselves more strongly if you listen to them and act upon them. Write your impressions down. If your intuition brings you visual images then you could sketch them.

Dreams serve as a powerful link to the levels of psychic activity that exist deep within our minds, and they are similarly responsive to the attention that we give them. Devote some time each morning to recording whatever you can recall from the dream state and you will begin to resonate more strongly with the alpha level of consciousness from which it arises. Dreams often foreshadow events. They show us pictures of what we have set in motion through our own inner activity. If we begin acting upon this inner knowledge – for example, by making a life change in response to a dream warning – then we open ourselves up to receiving even more of it.

Psychic abilities are founded upon our level of receptivity. The knowledge that we desire is already within us, but the noise of daily life (both in the outer world and within our own minds in the form of internal monologue) oftentimes makes it impossible to hear. In order to develop our psychic abilities we have to strive to clear the channels. Activities such as automatic writing and drawing can cut through our surface mental chatter and allow deeper material to emerge.

Take some time to let go of conscious control and allow usually-buried perceptions and insights to come through. The Ouija board works on similar principles. Although it has garnered a bad reputation in popular folklore due to misleading representations in books and movies, Ouija is simply a tool for accessing intuitional knowledge. The same can be said for divination methods such as Tarot cards and I Ching. Working with such tools can draw you closer to the levels of consciousness where psychic abilities are most active and responsive.

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