A psychic life jam is when someone’s existence seems to have become a continuous, monotonous chore. It may be a comfortable chore that’s easy to handle, but it’s boring, unrewarding and worrisome. In addition, when such a stuck state occurs people who are usually sensitive to psychic phenomenon can find that they are no longer able to sense the feelings of others or predict the future. Their mind is jammed into an uncomfortable state where their inner vision is obscured.

Psychic life jams concern people and lead them to question whether their lifestyle has any value. They ask themselves whether there is more to life than they are experiencing. The answer to their question is a resounding yes. At the same time, being in a stuck state when you are usually psychic can result in you feeling vulnerable and unsure about your direction in life. Whereas you might have been able to empathize easily with people when your intuitive abilities were flowing freely, a psychic jam can make you feel confused about their needs and intentions.

If you are in a psychic jam, you might find life less than stimulating, but feel secure. This isn’t the same as experiencing a crisis or series of problems, as it can happen when you have a stable routine. You can exist in such a state, but your mind is only running on automatic rather than enlivened with enthusiasm and spiritual energy. The source of the energy you usually dip into still exists, but your mind is unable to access it.

How to make changes
To get out of a psychic life jam you need to switch on your spiritual light in order to begin receiving and producing positive energy. In addition, you need to fill your life with meaning, rather than letting all that you do be a means to a humdrum end.

Think back to a time when you felt your intuition was crystal clear and brimming. Chances are that you didn’t feel bogged down with responsibilities, but instead felt that things you had to do inspired you. Work was not work, as it was more like play. You enjoyed your life more and this is the key to unblocking your psychic energy.

Methods of change
How you go about metaphorically jabbing your spirit into a wakeful state depends upon your personality, beliefs and resources. However, there are some sure-fire ways to rouse your energy and get the ball rolling.

Stir your spirit
Nature has a great way of grounding people and getting them in tune with their dreams simultaneously. Spending time out-of-doors, listening to waves crash on the beach, the wind howling through trees or experiencing the beauty of sunlight dappling through branches can stir even the foggiest of minds into action.

Explore the countryside by yourself. Use your senses fully to hear birdsong and the sounds of natural elements. Touch plants and water, and breathe in the scents around you. Close your eyes and imagine the energy of the earth traveling up through your feet and going inside your body.

Reach down to receive the energies of the earth and upwards to experience energy from the cosmos. Don’t be afraid to raise your arms and reach for the sky and stand with bare feet on the sand or grass of your chosen landscape.

Get back in-touch with nature and wildlife. Catch the gaze of a passing crow or another creature and let your spirits touch momentarily. Imagine what it feels like to inhabit the body of the bird or animal you meet, and allow their energy to mingle with your own.

Jolt your awareness
Chances are that half the time you are not really aware of your surroundings. You may let your mind wander over a mental list of chores you need to complete and miss what’s happening in front of you, or allow your body to perform tasks on autopilot rather than getting mentally and physically involved.

Jolt your awareness of your surroundings by altering the way you operate. Make small changes to your lifestyle and habits. Try new foods with unusual flavors, visit new places and make an effort to encourage new experiences into your world.

Particularly pay attention to the energy you can receive from fresh food. Slow down your experience of eating by taking small mouthfuls and eating slowly, as you benefit from the living energy within each bite.

Get physical
Exercise can help release feel-good endorphins into your system that can enhance your mood. When you begin to feel good, you will start to enjoy life more. Being physically active can also help you connect with your ability to generate energy. If you usually feel sluggish and tired, you may have forgotten how great it can feel to produce energy and experience the high that goes along with doing so.

Stimulate your brain
Even if you cannot see a way of changing major elements of your lifestyle right now, you can still introduce extra creative pursuits for your brain to handle and stimulate your mental faculties.

Learn to play an instrument and write a song. Write poetry or a short story. Begin writing a journal and explore your inner-world. Paint a picture of how you feel about your experience of life, and another about how you want it to be in the future. Hang both paintings on the wall so that you can see the difference and remember to work towards change.

Don’t wait until more time has passed and then view your life with regret. Instead, if your life is in a psychic jam, jolt your spirit into awareness, enliven your senses and let your psychic abilities flow as you embrace change.

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