Everyone is psychic. Most of us have long since repressed this ability as we learned from an early age that it was not acceptable. This happened almost imperceptibly, but not irreversibly. Reclaim your psychic ability! This little game helps you do just that by talking to your subconscious. The game is called “I am psychic,” and here’s how you play:

First, pick a day a few days from now in which you’ll play the game. Start with a day that’s not too stressful – maybe on a weekend.

Second, until that day comes your assignment is to think of a psychic persona you will adopt on that day. It could be a priestess, Merlin, a king or queen, a beggar, or even an animal. It doesn’t matter. Just create this identity and write it down. What does it look like? How does it act? What does it sound like? How does it get its psychic impressions? Are they in the form of visions? Vibrations? Mediumship? There are no limits. Let your imagination run free.

Third, on the day you’ve set aside for the game, put aside your true personality and wear your psychic identity for the entire day. When confronted with a choice, let the psychic message flow through you. Start with minor items like choosing the fastest route to work. This is a day you not only feel the psychic messages, but you ACT on them. But don’t ignore other information! Remember psychic impressions enhance life’s decisions, they don’t replace empirical evidence! But throughout your psychic day, expect your intuition and psychic energy to be there when you need it. Trust it.

Fourth, reflect on the results. When you’re just beginning, you’re bound to feel “off” sometimes. This is normal. Just shrug it off and keep trying. It’s a game, not a test! But reflect on how it felt when you were wrong. How was it different from those occasions you received a psychic message that turned out to be right on? Soon you’ll recognize that feeling more and more rapidly and with more certainty. Every time you play the game, write down your results in a journal.

Fifth, increase the frequency. You may start out playing once a week on weekends. As you start to see how much you can rely on your psychic identity, you’ll want to don it more often! Move to twice a week. When you’re ready, “play the game” on busier days, trusting your psychic self with more important decisions.

By now you’ll be noticing the differences between your “psychic days” and the days you’re not playing. Watch for the differences and note them in your journal. Notice coincidences. Notice the difference in the tone of your life on the days you play the game. Notice the way events unfold. Did you have more psychic experiences when you were playing the game?

Eventually, bit by bit, you start to wonder which self is more real – your psychic or your ego identity. And you wonder why you don’t just play the game EVERY day. That’s when you’ve reached a new plateau in your psychic development – when you realize your psychic identity that you carefully made up and wrote down, really is YOU!

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