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The Do's and Dont's for Your First Psychic Reading

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Online psychics can be caring confidants with good insight or they can be hucksters with sight set only on your credit card. This article will help you tell the good from the bad, and to know when it is time to move on.

The most common way to find a psychic is through a site hosting large numbers of readers, which lets you compare many at once. Kasamba, Keen, Advice Trader, and WeRLive are some of the major listing sites. Do a search for online psychics and you will find many, many more. You will also find professional psychics hosting their own sites, blogs, and forums. There are even psychics on EBay selling sessions through auction. WeRLive offers readings with webcam and chat, which is unique at this time. Once you’ve scanned your options and found some appealing sites, take this advice on how to choose your new psychic advisor:

Beware of fantastic claims.
Statements like "99.8% Accuracy" are usually gimmicks. If psychic has to resort to that kind of sensationalism, s/he is probably lacking a large repeat client base because of poor or dishonest readings. Besides, if the psychic was that good he could have claimed James Randi’s million-dollar prize already.

Have realistic expectations.

Some readers call themselves intuitive or other terms less heavily charged than "psychic". That's because the word psychic has become synonymous with outlandish claims. You will be much happier if you choose a reader while keeping in mind that she may not be able to tell you the name of your next lover or how many children you will have together. Be open-minded and think carefully about your questions.

Set a budget and stick to it.

Rates can range from .20 cents a minute to $10 or more. Decide what is realistic for you and only select a psychic if you can afford an in depth conversation. If you find yourself seeking consultations despite spending more than you can afford you may be relying too much on your psychic. Some customers develop a dependency, an addiction to psychic advice. A responsible psychic will recommend less frequent or shorter sessions, so be wary of those that tell you to call back often.

Consider what medium you prefer.

After you decide the way in which you want to connect - chat, email, text messages, phone, or even webcam may be available - look at what methods the reader uses. You can have tarot reading, rune casting, channeling, astrology, and dozens of types of readings performed. Only you can decide which method you feel most confident about.

Regard the industry with the same eye as you would the health food and self-help industry.

There are plenty of good resources and well-intentioned people in these industries. All three areas offer great resources for enhancing your life, but for every one authentic individual there are two or more hucksters trying to separate you from your money. This doesn't mean you should shun all intuitives or approach a reading too skeptically. Just remember to use critical thinking at all times - before, during, and after a reading. Is the reading too good to be true? Are being told only what she thinks you want to hear? Are the answers too vague to be of any use?
Look and ask for a referral, just as you would ask about a good hair-dresser or masseuse. Some forums are better than others for this. For example, a message board with subjects on expanding consciousness or communicating with angels and lost loved ones. Such a place would probably have many people who are glad to help. Another good place for feedback is in the reviews and ratings section many host sites provide. However, all recommendations for and against a reader should be taken with a grain of salt. It is easy for dishonest readers to pump up their own stats or to tear down another reader through bogus reviews. Also consider that some disgruntled customers could have had unrealistic expectations and therefore be unhappy with a reader you would think is excellent.

Take advantage of free minutes.

The best way to tell if you and a reader "connect" is to talk with them briefly. This could be through free chat or free minutes before charges start to incur. Often you will find offers of 3 to 5 free minutes, which is plenty of time to tell if you mesh with someone. At the same time, don't abuse this by hopping from one psychic to another. Many are people trying to make a living helping others, and time spent with a client only looking for free time is time they could spend with someone genuinely interested in an exchange. Politely let the reader know that you would rather try with someone else if that is the case.

Look into readers who have their own site.

This is an often-overlooked category and so deserves its own point. Many readers with their own site actively communicate with their customers via blog, podcasts, or forum posts. That's great because you have more opportunity to learn about the reader before jumping into a session. Many such psychics are true professionals and often have advanced training and experience. You may think they would be too expensive, but you will find a wide range of rates. Independent readers have more flexibility when offering discounts or running specials because they don't have to share a fixed percentage with a listing site.

An impartial impression from a stranger, no matter how far removed they may be, can often lead you to creative solutions or new perspectives that you would not have considered otherwise. There are many gifted and sincere psychics reaching out to help you through the internet. Keeping the preceding points in mind will greatly help the next time you have a need for such inspired advice. 

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