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Posted by on in Runes


Runes have been in use for ages. They were basically used in magical charms because they were believed to have magical powers. Every rune that is known is associated with gemstones, crystals, tree, plants, shrubs, herbs, colors and elements.

Algiz is a rune that represents the alphabets Z and S. It is associated with the gemstone amethyst and the flower rush. The God linked with this rune is Heimdall. Algiz is ruled by the runic number 15 and the element air. It is a symbol of male polarity and the color gold is often linked with this rune. It corresponds to Cancer in astrology. It is also known as Eolh.

The word Algiz literally means pine woods or sedge reeds. It can also mean rapid development, protection and growth. It depicts a person with upraised arms and also elk’s antlers. The raised hands depict a protective gesture. The rune is that of protection. In the spiritual sense, it indicates reaching up to the divine power.

The rune also represents success and quick achievement of goals. It keeps a person alert and aware and protects one from attacks as well. It brings wisdom and clarity of thoughts in a person.

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Rune symbols have been in use since ancient times for various purposes. These symbols were carved on pieces of wood or on stone and mainly used for magic and divination. Runes are believed to have been discovered by Odin, the God.

The rune Ansuz is associated with Odin and when reversed with Loki who is believed to be Odin’s messenger.

Ansuz is considered to be Odin’s rune. It is generally called the messenger rune. The word Ansuz literally means God and refers to the Gods and Goddesses of the Aesir and Vanir. The Anglo-Saxons interpret the meaning of Ansuz as mouth because of its association with messages. On the other hand, the Scandinavian sources use the word Ansuz to mean River mouth or Estuary because they consider the flow of knowledge equal to the flow of water.

Ansuz represents the alphabet A in English. The word is associated with the gemstone Emerald. The rune is ruled by the runic number 4 and the element air. Ansuz is associated with the dark blue color and the Ash Tree. Astrologically, it can be linked with either Venus or Mercury. It is a rune of male polarity.

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Runes have been named for Gods, animals, plants, natural features, objects used in everyday life and even for timeless concepts like gift, harmony etc. Each rune has a significant role to play in a person’s life.

The rune Berkana is also known as Beorc. When translated, the word Berkana means a birch twig. This rune can also mean growth, fertility, new life and physical beauty. When this rune appears in the reading for a person, it brings about physical and mental growth in a person. It also indicates an increase in business, investments made and the profits. It can also signify that a loss can be recovered and that new business ventures can be established. It fills a person with energy and activity. It tells a person to work hard and wait patiently for the rewards as they cannot be obtained immediately. Berkana asks a person to forget the past and live for the present and also learn from the grueling experiences of the past.

The rune also represents renewal, regeneration, purification and healing. It is a rune that is symbolic of a family and home. The rune’s effects work in the most beneficial ways possible and bring about success in everything.

The rune represents the English alphabet B. It is symbolic of female polarity. The rune is associated with moonflowers and the gemstone called the moonstone. The ruling runic number for this rune is 18 and the ruling element is the earth. The rune is also linked with Gods Nerthus and Holda. The rune is connected with the dark green color and astrologically, it corresponds to Virgo.

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Runes are believed to have magical powers that have been put to many uses and mainly for invoking psychic capabilities. The runes have also been used relative to divinity and spirituality.

Dagaz is also called Daeg. Dagaz means day, dawn, breakthrough or a radical change. When this rune appears in a person’s reading, the rune indicates that a major change is going to take place in a person’s life. It also brings about success in an endeavor. The rune signifies prosperity and achievement in a person’s life. The rune tells a person that all darkness and difficulties from his life are gone and the person must begin life like beginning a new day. The rune also informs a person that the divine light is always guiding one and helps to reach the goal. It asks a person to be true and honest in order to ensure good luck and fortune in life. The power of this rune protects a person from dangers. The rune also tells a person that one must be thankful for everything that he has obtained in life.

Spiritually the rune represents divine light that takes a person from darkness towards light. The magical powers of the rune can be used to make a fresh start or to make a person come to his senses and understand life.

In reference to divinity, the rune represents day, awakening, transformation, hope, happiness, growth, security and certainty. It helps one to achieve a balance of mind and spirit. Dagaz is a sign of good fortune when it is connected to divine powers.

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People have been intrigued by runes as they are believed to have mystical powers. Also every rune known has associated with it some mystery or a secret.

The rune Ehwaz represents the alphabet E. The gemstone Iceland spar is associated with it. The rune is a symbol for male and female polarity. It is ruled by the runic number 19 and the element earth. It has the white color associated with it. The Gods linked with Ehwaz are Frey and Freyja. Astrologically, it corresponds to Gemini and is also linked with the plant Ragwort.

Ehwaz means horse or a beast of burden. It can also mean speed or momentum. The rune represents a horse which because of its strength and beauty is more than a means of transport. The horse is a sacred animal and used for finding material and spiritual pathways. The rune also implies a journey and progress or change. It brings about what is needed in a person to move towards success at a fast pace. It asks a person to be humble and not forget the purpose of achieving his goal. It also requires that when a person is working for the achievement of his goals he needs to be loyal and supportive to all those who are around him.

It represents characteristics like speed of thought, willingness, sure footedness, confidence and loyalty. It may even represent a partnership or a relationship that is based on trust and faithfulness.