ansuz runeRune symbols have been in use since ancient times for various purposes. These symbols were carved on pieces of wood or on stone and mainly used for magic and divination. Runes are believed to have been discovered by Odin, the God.

The rune Ansuz is associated with Odin and when reversed with Loki who is believed to be Odin’s messenger.

Ansuz is considered to be Odin’s rune. It is generally called the messenger rune. The word Ansuz literally means God and refers to the Gods and Goddesses of the Aesir and Vanir. The Anglo-Saxons interpret the meaning of Ansuz as mouth because of its association with messages. On the other hand, the Scandinavian sources use the word Ansuz to mean River mouth or Estuary because they consider the flow of knowledge equal to the flow of water.

Ansuz represents the alphabet A in English. The word is associated with the gemstone Emerald. The rune is ruled by the runic number 4 and the element air. Ansuz is associated with the dark blue color and the Ash Tree. Astrologically, it can be linked with either Venus or Mercury. It is a rune of male polarity.

Ansuz represents communication and creativity. It can also be used for representing concepts like literacy, intellect, interpretive ability, a magician, rune master or rune mistress and even the balance between the spiritual and physical being. Spiritually, it represents wisdom, prophecy, revelation and knowledge. The divine meaning of Ansuz can be interpreted as wisdom, communication and inspiration. It can be considered to represent divine inspiration, intelligence, excellent writing skills and even communication, a message or a signal. Relative to its neighboring runes, Ansuz represents a blessing, excellence and luck in relationships. When a person is represented by Ansuz, it can mean a sage, a leader, a father figure or an advisor.

It tells one that all signs, messages and truth are around a person and one needs to recognize them and not ignore them. The acknowledgement of these messages will help a person become wise, intelligent and honest. It helps a person to make wise decisions. It calms the anxious and wandering mind. Ansuz also brings enlightenment and light into darkness.

Loki, the messenger of Odin was a trickster and so when reversed; Ansuz represents lack of clarity, bad advice, deception, manipulation, lies, failed communication and spite. In reverse position, it does not help one to clearly differentiate between the facts and the lies.

Conversely, Ansuz represents lack of awareness, secret or hidden information and messages. It represents that what may appear to be a trick or false information is actually genuine and true.

Rune magic cannot take place without Ansuz because it is essential for the spoken rites to be performed. It is Ansuz that empowers the divine runes and converts equipments like wands from simple wooden sticks into working equipment. In ancient times, the rune masters and rune mistresses believed that a failure to use Ansuz in any magical or divine ritual would mean that the rune work would fail i.e. the magic will not work.

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