berkana runeRunes have been named for Gods, animals, plants, natural features, objects used in everyday life and even for timeless concepts like gift, harmony etc. Each rune has a significant role to play in a person’s life.

The rune Berkana is also known as Beorc. When translated, the word Berkana means a birch twig. This rune can also mean growth, fertility, new life and physical beauty. When this rune appears in the reading for a person, it brings about physical and mental growth in a person. It also indicates an increase in business, investments made and the profits. It can also signify that a loss can be recovered and that new business ventures can be established. It fills a person with energy and activity. It tells a person to work hard and wait patiently for the rewards as they cannot be obtained immediately. Berkana asks a person to forget the past and live for the present and also learn from the grueling experiences of the past.

The rune also represents renewal, regeneration, purification and healing. It is a rune that is symbolic of a family and home. The rune’s effects work in the most beneficial ways possible and bring about success in everything.

The rune represents the English alphabet B. It is symbolic of female polarity. The rune is associated with moonflowers and the gemstone called the moonstone. The ruling runic number for this rune is 18 and the ruling element is the earth. The rune is also linked with Gods Nerthus and Holda. The rune is connected with the dark green color and astrologically, it corresponds to Virgo.

Berkana represents Goddess force and female fertility. It signifies the relationship between a mother and her child. It brings about the feelings of maternal love. It also indicates positivism in relationships. It also represents the enjoyment of sexual relations. The rune helps one to clear all misunderstandings and focus on the new beginnings in a relationship.

When reversed, the rune represents a lack of growth. It even indicates that losses will be faced in business ventures. It may even bring about a reduction in the yield of crops when it is placed in a reverse position. It also brings about health problems for a person when reversed. It also indicates problems in relationship between a mother and child. However, this is only a temporary problem.

Conversely, the rune indicates that profits are being hidden through dishonest means or are being misused. It may even indicate that a person will suffer losses. When in its converse position, the rune says that if an investment looks or sounds risky, it may not be so. Rather the investment might be a safe one and give maximum returns.

With reference to divinity, the rune represents birth, growth, fertility, new beginning and rebirth. The rune is also said to possess magical powers that can be used for bringing domestic harmony. The rune helps one get a clear vision of the spiritual path and enables one to purify the mind and the heart completely.

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