Dagaz RuneRunes are believed to have magical powers that have been put to many uses and mainly for invoking psychic capabilities. The runes have also been used relative to divinity and spirituality.

Dagaz is also called Daeg. Dagaz means day, dawn, breakthrough or a radical change. When this rune appears in a person’s reading, the rune indicates that a major change is going to take place in a person’s life. It also brings about success in an endeavor. The rune signifies prosperity and achievement in a person’s life. The rune tells a person that all darkness and difficulties from his life are gone and the person must begin life like beginning a new day. The rune also informs a person that the divine light is always guiding one and helps to reach the goal. It asks a person to be true and honest in order to ensure good luck and fortune in life. The power of this rune protects a person from dangers. The rune also tells a person that one must be thankful for everything that he has obtained in life.

Spiritually the rune represents divine light that takes a person from darkness towards light. The magical powers of the rune can be used to make a fresh start or to make a person come to his senses and understand life.

In reference to divinity, the rune represents day, awakening, transformation, hope, happiness, growth, security and certainty. It helps one to achieve a balance of mind and spirit. Dagaz is a sign of good fortune when it is connected to divine powers.

The rune represents the alphabet D. Dagaz is associated with the God Heimdall. The runic number that rules this rune is 24 and the ruling elements are fire and air. It is connected to the color light blue and the gemstones diamond and chrysolite. The rune is also linked with marigold and cowslip. Astrologically, the rune corresponds to the full moon. Dagaz is a symbol for male polarity.

The rune has no reverse. However, Dagaz may lie in opposition and it then represents darkness, night, confusion, ending, blindness, uncertainty, hopelessness and misfortune. Conversely, the rune signifies a false dawn. It tells a person that the time is not right for a change and the person needs to wait patiently for daylight. For this the person needs to be strong and have perseverance.

Dagaz warns a person of not being blinded by his ego as it can be damaging. The rune represents brightness, growth, progress and development. It helps a person to have a positive attitude towards life. With its protective powers, Dagaz ensures that a person emerges successful even from a disastrous situation of life. The rune indicates that the life one leads is a life of balance where the good and the evil and darkness and light exist and a person can move from one to another at any time in life. It is therefore necessary to have a clear vision and knowledge of all aspects of life. Dagaz can also be used for cleansing and purification of mind so that a person can start life afresh.

Properties of Dagaz

Alternate Names: Daaz, Dagr, Daeg, Dagur
Ancient Meaning: Light of Day
Keywords: Light, enlightenment, polarity, awakening, intuition, well-being
Dagaz represents the fresh light of a new day. You are close to making a breakthrough. You have the will to change whatever you deem necessary. You may see the world with absolute clarity at this time.
Reversed Description:
Astrological Correspondence: The Moon
Tarot Correspondence: Temperance
Gods/Goddesses: Odin
Color: Blue
Tree: Spruce
Herb: Clary sage
Stones: Lapis Lazuli, Amazonite, Azurite, Sapphire
Animals: Wolf, raven, horse, eagle, bear
Element: Fire
Awakens the light within you
Embodies the powers of light and darkness
Increases magical patterns
Spiritual enlightenment
Protects from harm

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