People have been intrigued by runes as they are believed to have mystical powers. Also every rune known has associated with it some mystery or a secret.

Ehwaz RuneThe rune Ehwaz represents the alphabet E. The gemstone Iceland spar is associated with it. The rune is a symbol for male and female polarity. It is ruled by the runic number 19 and the element earth. It has the white color associated with it. The Gods linked with Ehwaz are Frey and Freyja. Astrologically, it corresponds to Gemini and is also linked with the plant Ragwort.

Ehwaz means horse or a beast of burden. It can also mean speed or momentum. The rune represents a horse which because of its strength and beauty is more than a means of transport. The horse is a sacred animal and used for finding material and spiritual pathways. The rune also implies a journey and progress or change. It brings about what is needed in a person to move towards success at a fast pace. It asks a person to be humble and not forget the purpose of achieving his goal. It also requires that when a person is working for the achievement of his goals he needs to be loyal and supportive to all those who are around him.

It represents characteristics like speed of thought, willingness, sure footedness, confidence and loyalty. It may even represent a partnership or a relationship that is based on trust and faithfulness.

Ehwaz traditionally also represents twins, holding hands and ecstasy. In this way it is a representative of two entities that share a connection that cannot be broken in any possible manner. It also represents the nature of duality. Some also believe that this rune represents the union of a male and a female. It is a rune of understanding about how two things can be similar and yet very different from each other.

It brings about balance and harmony in a person’s life. Thus it helps one improve the quality of one’s life. In divination it can represent vehicle, advancement, harmony, teamwork, loyalty, partnership and trust.

When reversed, Ehwaz represents slow progress, disharmony, mistrust, restlessness and unachievable goals. It also represents lethargy and reluctance of a person to work for something important. In a reversed position, this rune also prevents one from thinking straight.

Conversely, the rune says that something that is at a standstill will suddenly start moving. It also portrays that the confidence and will of a person will not help him in anyway and will not bring about anything good for him.

It helps one to obtain knowledge from a distance as it represents a journey of consciousness. The rune also has magical powers that can be used for bringing about advancement and progress that can help to achieve success at a faster pace. The rune focuses on teamwork which is very important to succeed in any project undertaken. It also helps one identify opportunities that can be used to create connections that play a vital role in one’s success.

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