Gebo RuneEarly Romans used runes for divination. Several rune stones have been in use ever since and each rune stone shows different forms of runic alphabets. Also each stone describes a myth or magic from ancient times.

The rune Gebo is also called Geofu. It represents the alphabet G of English and is ruled by the runic number 7. The gemstone associated with this rune is opal. Gebo also has associated with it the flower Lad’s love.

Gebo is represented by dark blue color. It is symbolic of both male and female polarity. The gods associated with this rune are Odin and Gefn. It is ruled by the element air. Astrologically, Gebo corresponds to Pisces.

When translated, Gebo means a gift. It may also mean love, partnership, forgiveness, talent and skill. It is based on a rule called the Rule of Three which says that everything one gives is returned threefold to the person. It is a rune of universal balance. It may either represent a situation where everything is in control and is balanced or it may refer to a situation that is completely running out of hands.

The rune tells people that if they ask for forgiveness, it shall be given. Also it foretells a discovery of a talent or skill or a gift. Gebo inspires one to develop musical abilities. It also enables one to show compassion and declare love without fearing anything. It also brings about good luck in partnerships.

Gebo can also represent agreements, settlements, legal matters and contracts. It can be associated with relationships and can represent engagements or weddings. It is also a symbol of kiss representing affection. However, a balance has to be maintained in this case as well to maintain steady relationships.

Gebo with its rune number 7 is the origin of the lucky seven superstitions. Gebo says that everything has its price and so when a gift is give, Gebo either represents acceptance or rejection. It also helps one to decide whom to give, what to give and when to give. It also tells a person that one cannot keep giving gifts indiscriminately.
The rune Gebo has no reverse. This is because the symbol representing pictorially is X and X cannot be inversed in any way. Conversely, it represents personal animosity. It is also a signal that hidden talents need to be discovered.

The effects of Gebo have to be determined by the use of runes surrounding it. This is because of the fact that Gebo is irreversible.

It is symbolic for union. This rune also has healing qualities. It stands for generosity and also brings positive attitude in life. In the divine sense, Gebo can be interpreted to mean magical exchange, honor, sacrifice and generosity.

The main aspect governed by Gebo is the exchange of gifts, either physically or otherwise and this is a representation of trade. Gebo is often linked with the exchange of sexual energies between a male and a female. It helps one to understand the true meaning of giving and binding.

Properties of Gebo

Alternate Names: Geuua, Gipt, Giof, Geofu, Gjof
Ancient Meaning: The results of interaction between humans and the divine
Keywords: Connection, gift, exchange, interaction, balance
Gebo represents the coming of gifts and favors. While each are usually positive events, they often carry obligations with them. Gebo often represents strong bonds such as deep friendships and marriage.
Reversed Description:
Astrological Correspondence: Pisces
Tarot Correspondence: Lovers
Gods/Goddesses: Odin, Gefn
Color: Deep Blue
Tree: Ash
Herb: Heartsease
Stones: Sapphire, aquamarine, lapis lazuli, rose quartz
Animals: Raven, wolf, hound, eagle, bear, cat, falcon, lobster, oyster, chimpanzee, firefly, eel, bull, cock, iguana, stag
Element: Air
Magical commencement
Love magic
Increased relationship harmony
Reconciliation of polarities
Evaluation of divine wisdom

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