Hagalaz RuneAccording to mythology, runes appeared when a mortal man stole three rune staffs from God Odin and learned magic from them. Another account says that runes appeared when God Odin discovered them after hanging on the Tree of Life for nine days.

When translated, the word Hagalaz literally means Hail. It is also interpreted to mean weather, damaging natural forces and disruption. Hail is water in solid form. When hail falls from the sky, it is so violent sometimes that it destroys everything. Once it starts melting, it becomes harmless and in many instances even beneficial as water. Hagalaz more generally represents all aspects of frozen water.

The rune represents the alphabet H and is also known as Haegl. It is associated with the gemstone Onyx and the color light blue. Hagalaz is rule by the runic number 9 and the element ice which is a form of water. Astrologically, Hagalaz corresponds to Aquarius. This rune is associated with Gods Urd and Heimdall and with ferns. It is also a symbol of female polarity.

This rune is considered to be a negative one that brings about destruction in one’s life. This disruption often brings about changes in a person’s life and the outcomes of these changes can sometimes be positive as well. Many times, the rune also indicates that an event bringing shock or surprise is going to take place in a person’s life. It can also bring about suffering, pain, illness or hardships in a person’s life.

When Hagalaz is linked with other runes that influence a person’s life, it may even indicate limitations, interruptions or delays in something important that needs to be achieved. The rune warns a person of the challenges that one is going to face in life and also forces one to face them bravely rather than fearing them. One needs to take many steps to face the challenges with determination and realize the fact that they are just stepping stones to success in one’s life. Hagalaz gives the strength to overcome all challenges.

Conversely, Hagalaz represents hidden dangers from natural occurrences. It may even represent that a partner is keeping something as a secret from another. It basically brings about misunderstandings in a relationship in its converse form.

This rune has no reverse because basically the alphabet H cannot be written in any reverse manner. However, in its upright position also the rune may operate in a reverse manner by making one suffer losses before one can gain something or even putting one in a worse situation.

The rune is also believed to have magical properties. This rune in the magic world is a protective sigil called the lucky star. This star which is drawn as a flower with six petals is even used today in old buildings to protect them from bad weather conditions.

This rune is also called Mother Rune. This is because of the fact that it represents the most sacred number in the Northern Tradition which is “three times three”. The “three times three” is also significant for the rune as it is the ninth rune.

Properties of Hagalaz

Alternate Names: Haal, Hagall, Hagl
Ancient Meaning: The egg of life
Keywords: Transformation, change, evolution, harmony, protection
Hagalaz is the hail Rune. It denotes chaos, destruction and disruption on a primal level. You may experience delays in moving toward your goals.
Reversed Description:
Astrological Correspondence: Aquarius
Tarot Correspondence: The World
Gods/Goddesses: Ymir, Urd, Gullveig, Hella
Color: Gray, White
Tree: Yew/Ash
Herb: Lily of the valley
Stones: Clear Quartz, Diamond, Moonstone, Opal, Geode
Animals: Serpent, dragon, falcon, eagle, hawk, owl, vulture, whale, dolphin, wolf, spider, bat, blackbird, chameleon dragonfly, praying mantis
Element: Water
Combines runic energies
Aids in personal transformation
Guards against harm
Heals physically, mentally, and spiritually

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