ingwaz runeThe word rune means a secret or a mystery. Runes have been used to invoke powers that could bring luck and for divination as well.

Ingwaz represents the compound consonant NG. It is associated with the color yellow and the gemstone amber. The tree apple and the plant self heal are also linked with this rune. The rune is ruled by the runic number 22 and the elements water and earth. This rune symbolizes male polarity. It is connected with the Gods Ing and Frey. Astrologically, the rune corresponds to cancer as well as the new moon.

Ingwaz means angel. It can also mean harmony, approval, unity, agreement, love and peace. The rune is actually named for the God Ing who came from across the sea to bring unity amongst the people of Viking and when Ing left, peace and harmony prevailed forever in the land.

The rune also represents togetherness and romantic love between partners. It is also symbolic for completion or conclusion and therefore may represent the birth of a baby as a conclusion to pregnancy. It is also associated with healthy sexuality. The rune signifies a healthy, strong, affectionate, safe and secure family and home. It brings protection for a family. It also makes a person aware of the duties and responsibilities for the benefit of present as well as the future generations.

Spiritually the rune symbolizes light in darkness. It is a rune that brings spiritual inspiration in a person. It says that on the spiritual path a person may feel alone but must keep moving onwards. It also tells a person to seek answers to the questions that arise in a person’s mind but one must not get perturbed by irrelevant questions.

Ingwaz helps a person to live in the present and forget the past and do not bother about the future because the present is where all the action takes place in a well. The rune says that one must spend more time in nature and doing outdoor activities. The rune brings about fertility and happiness in one’s life. It also requires that a person needs to focus on his health and improve one’s body condition. For this a person needs to follow an exercise regime or a good diet. This is important for a sound mind and a sound body.

The magical powers of Ingwaz can be used for invoking sexual and creative energies in a person. The rune in divinity can represent male fertility, internal growth, family love, warmth, virtues and common sense.

Ingwaz cannot be reversed but it can lie in opposition. The rune in opposition represents impotence, weakness, dilution, toil and hard work without any results. Conversely, the rune says that love and harmony maybe difficult to achieve. However, a person must not lose patience but persevere to achieve these. The rune also suggests that a partner may be shy but on help can declare his or her love.

It can also be considered the rune of growth that may help a person get rewards for the work done or may bring about personal growth in one’s life.

Properties of Ingwaz

Alternate Names: Enguz, Ing, Ingvarr
Ancient Meaning: The Earth God
Keywords: Energy, gestation, integration, male fertility, protection
Ingwaz signifies completion, success and fertility. Your present ambitions are about to be met. You are fecund in both mind and body.
Reversed Description:
Astrological Correspondence: Moon
Tarot Correspondence: Judgement
Gods/Goddesses: Ing, Nerthus
Color: Yellow
Tree: Apple
Herb: Self-heal
Stones: Malachite, Rose, Quartz, Citrine, Golden Topaz, Aventurine, Amber
Animals: Cow, goat, horse, ox, dove, bee
Element: Earth
Increases and channels energy
Completes or redirects patterns
Symbol of rebirth and awareness
Focuses energies
Love and sex magic

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