Isa RuneOver ages, humans have always associated a myth or magic to certain objects which help them in their daily life and also enable them to see the future. Runes have also been used for the same purpose.

The rune Isa means ice. It can also be interpreted to mean cold and freezing. Ice though beautiful can be very dangerous as it is very slippery and bring hurdles in one’s progress.

The rune is also called Is. It represents the alphabet I and is associated with God Verdandi. Isa is ruled by the runic number 11 and the element ice. The color black represents this rune and the rune is a symbol of female polarity. It corresponds to the Moon in the astrological sense. The rune is associated with the flowers heliotrope and sweet pea. Also plants like Solomon’s seal that have magical powers are linked with this rune. The gemstone that is attached to this rune is the Cat’s Eye.

Isa represents stagnation, lack of change and emotions. Isa represents that no change can take place in a person’s life immediately even if the problem that the person faces requires him to bring about a change in his life. The rune is a negative one and the adverse effects take a very long time to get back to normal. In many cases, the situation goes out of hands and nothing can be done except face failure and destruction.

It is not good for relationships as it brings frigidity and freezes the emotions of a person. As a result all affection in a relationship is lost. When Isa appears in a person’s reading, it indicates that everything in the person’s life must come to a standstill. At this point of time a person must not lose patience and force any kind of movement or else it will have adverse effects. The person in such a situation needs to act with wisdom and not give up his plans and goals. The period of inactivity must be considered as a time for rest where one brings strength within oneself to face all types of situations.

Isa also helps one to take control of situations. Like ice provides a bridge over large area of water or a dangerous place, this rune provides a path that can help one to overcome difficulties and reach the destination.

This rune has magical powers that can destroy and so must be used very carefully. On one side it provides protection but if misused it bring about danger on the other side. In the divine sense, Isa can represent challenge, creation, delay, reinforcement, destruction and clarity.

The rune has no reverse and indicates obstacles. Conversely, the rune represents that any change will not be beneficial. Also it warns a person that behind a smile there can be an evil intention and one’s emotions are not expressed and are hidden.

It makes a person lose all enthusiasm and warmth and requires a person to wait for the proper time to bring about changes in one’s life.

Properties of Isa

Alternate Names: Icz, Iss, Is
Ancient Meaning: Cosmic cohesion
Keywords: Statis-quo, constraint, massive force, gradual integration, delay
The Ice Rune, represents stagnation and a passionless existence. Your life's course may seem blurry at the moment, but if you persevere you will move onto better days.
Reversed Description:
Astrological Correspondence: Moon
Tarot Correspondence: The Hermit
Gods/Goddesses: Rime, Verdandi, Skadi
Color: White
Tree: Alder
Herb: Henbane
Stones: Milky Quartz, Clear Quartz, Opal, Moonstone
Animals: Polar bear, whale, walrus, elephant (mammoth), manatee, bald eagle, sea gull, turtle, anaconda, water buffalo, reindeer, clam, moose, penguin
Element: Water
Concentration and purpose
Ability to recognize patterns
Slows down energy without stopping it
Balances the ego
Increased awareness of how things work in harmony
Increased awareness of possible dangers

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