Jera Rune

Each rune has divine and magical properties attached to it. The interpretation of the meaning of each rune is different.

Jera means harvest, the agricultural year, fertility and fruition. Broadly speaking, Jera can represent the following:

• Fruition of plants.
• Success
• Rewards for past efforts
• Good spirits
• Talent or skill

Jera represents that a person who works with hands or on land will get great rewards. It represents the twelve months of a year. It indicates that the goal of a person will be achieved and the person will get profits or the fruit for whatever he has done. Jera brings about a lot of joy and celebration in a person’s life. It also tells a person that one should not stop working or putting in efforts because the fruits have been obtained. It forces a person to work in a better way and use all his wisdom to get more rewards in the future endeavors.

The rune represents the alphabets J or Y. It is associated with the Gods Frey and Freyja. It is ruled by the runic number 12 and the element earth. It is a symbol of both male and female polarity. The color light blue and the gemstone Carnelian is associated with this rune. It is also called Jara and has cornflower linked with it. Astrologically, it is linked with the sun.

This rune is related to time itself and represents a change. This change is a gradual one and is inevitable. The rune brings success to a person because the person has worked hard and has done so with perseverance and courage. It tells a person to set priorities right and work slowly and safely instead of taking a short cut to achieve the goal. It requires a person to be patient so that he cannot bring about destruction on oneself.

The rune has no reverse. Conversely, Jera can represent the fact that a person has abilities that need to be discovered and can help the person in getting rewards and being successful.

Jera also means a cycle of seasons that bring about changes and result in natural development. It can also represent justice that can be positive or negative or can be interpreted as a reward or a punishment. This is because Jera is a rune that is a symbol of cause- effect relationship and brings to a person the end results of the actions done.

Jera has magical powers that can be used to bring fertility and increase the amount of harvest. In divination, it can represent the forces of fruitful season, conclusion, earned success, life cycle, season and final judgment.

When this rune lies in opposition, it can be a representative of bad timing, poverty, conflict, incompletion and setbacks. It stops a person from being successful when in this position.

Since this rune is not reversible, the impact of other runes has to be studied to know whether Jera will shower one with rewards for the work done or will it bring sorrows in the life of a person.

Properties of Jera

Alternate Names: Gaar, Ar, Ger, Jara
Ancient Meaning: Sun cycle, life cycle
Keywords: Cycles, right action, completion, fertility, natural law
Jera denotes positive, recurring cycles, fertility and a time to harvest rewards from your hard work.
Reversed Description:
Astrological Correspondence: The Sun
Tarot Correspondence: The Emperor
Gods/Goddesses: Frey
Color: Green
Tree: Oak
Herb: Rosemary
Stones: Emerald, Malachite, Aventurine, Green Tourmaline
Animals: Eagle, boar, horse, hound, bear, squirrel, grasshopper, chipmunk, cow deer, duck, hare, ladybug, peacock, swallow
Element: Earth
Understanding of Oneness
Works with cyclical patterns
Increased creativity and fertility
Increased harmony

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