Kenaz RuneRunes are believed to have been discovered by Odin, the God. Inscriptions in the runic alphabets were simple markings on articles like combs, bracteates etc. The runes were believed to be the names of the owners of these articles but their meaning was generally not clear. This gave rise to the thinking that runes were not used for writing but as magical symbols that could be used for charms.

Kenaz, the sixth rune represents the English alphabet K or C. It has the gemstone bloodstone associated with it and is ruled by the runic number 3. The flower associated with Kenaz is gorse or wild rose. It is ruled by the element fire where fire is a representative of fire of creation, fire of inspiration and the fire of enthusiasm.

It is pictorially represented by a lighted torch. It is expressed by either a flame of a single candle or as a powerful beam of the lighthouse beacon. The Kenaz is the flame of volcano and energies deep inside the earth. It is also the controlled flame of artists and craftsmen. Kenaz is considered to possess powers that can create and destroy. This is because of its association with the power of fire and ice that is said to produce forces in life.

Kenaz basically represents a torch. As a torch lights a pathway, in a similar manner Kenaz sheds light on hidden reasons and hidden motives of others and the unknown aspects of a person’s life. It therefore, represents light, fire, warmth, force and power. It can also be associated with the positive attitude towards life in case of any adverse circumstances. Kenaz symbolizes a new beginning, cure, recovery and privacy.

It is also considered to be the sign of protection and imbibes within a person the right energy to start a new thing. When associated with health, it represents good health and strong recovery powers. In a relationship, Kenaz is symbolic of a dominant person.

The rune Kenaz has magical powers that can bring about a transformation. However, it must be used carefully in practicing magical rites or else it results in destruction. This is because of the belief that too many lights lead to blindness.

In association with divinity, Kenaz means the following:

• Illumination
• Knowledge
• Comprehension and understanding
• Vision
• Revelation
• Creativity
• Inspiration
• Transformation
• Regeneration
• Light
• Passion

In a reversed position, Kenaz represents darkness, ignorance, incompetence and illusion. It announces the end to something very important. It is also representative of blindness, false hope, instability and lack of creativity. In addition, it can also be associated with a disease or mental block and strong trauma.

Kenaz must be used very carefully or else it causes destruction. The rune does not ask a person to give up all his passion but tells a person to use the energies to fight against imprudence. It enables a person to face the real situations and if the person finds any situation difficult, it guides the person out of it.

Properties of Kenaz

Alternate Names: Kusma, Cen, Kaun, Kaunaz
Ancient Meaning: Controlled fire, Internal fire
Keywords: Knowledge, fire, guiding light
Kenaz foretells the coming of clarity and knowledge. It is time for you to grow by exchanging knowledge with others. Opportunities are upon you.
Reversed Description:
Kenaz reversed represents a lack of needed knowledge and possible isolation. Information you may need is being withheld from you, or you may not be open to receiving it. Although others may seem distant, if you seek their friendship you may be pleasantly surprised.
Astrological Correspondence: Scorpio
Tarot Correspondence: Chariot
Gods/Goddesses: Freyja
Color: Light Red
Tree: Pine
Herb: Cowslip
Stones: Citrin, Fire Opal, Golden Topaz
Animals: Cat, salamander, lion, falcon, hawk, eagle, owl, tiger, chimpanzee, bobcat, cuckoo, peacock
Element: Fire
Artistic inspiration
All realms are strengthened
Healing and regeneration
Aids in personal transformation
Aids in love and sexual relationships
Increased fertility

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