Mannaz RuneMannaz when translated means mankind or human. Its meaning can also be interpreted as man, humanity and the inner self. It can also symbolize manhood, womanhood and soul. It represents the human race and the fact that humans share a relation with each other and yet are alone in the final journey of life towards death.

Mannaz represents the alphabet M. It is ruled by the runic number 20 and the element air. The gemstone associated with this rune is garnet. The rune is also linked with the color deep red and the plant Madder. Astrologically, the rune is linked with Jupiter. The Gods associated with this rune are Heimdall, Frigg and Odin. Mannaz is symbolic of both male and female polarity.

The rune characterizes the ego of a person, the people in general, the world, family and a person’s mind and body. This rune represents the following qualities in a person:

• Tolerance
• Broad mindedness
• Devotion
• Kindness
• Consideration
• Willingness to change
• Charity
• Creativity
• Intelligence
• Generosity
• Unselfishness

Mannaz suggests that there is close cooperation between various people who communicate for the common good of all and let their self interests take a back seat. It tells a person that whatever may come, one will lead a destined life. The rune also represents a person who is friendly, extrovert and social.

In the spiritual sense the rune asks a person to accept everything, good or bad, which comes his way alike. It says that to be a spiritual being, a person needs to have a balance of the body, mind and spirit. It also asks a person to learn from every experience of life as this knowledge helps in moving forward and upwards.

In divination, the rune is a symbol for a group of people or an individual, humanity, social order and help from others in a community. The rune’s magical powers can be used to invoke bonding between the members of a community. It helps people to assist each other and also develop a positive attitude towards each other when they are living in a community.

In the reverse position, Mannaz indicates rejection, isolation, manipulation, inhumanity and break down in the social order. It brings forward the cunning and sly nature of a person when it is in a reverse position. In its reverse state it says that a person’s actions are the main reason for him being cast aside from the community and creating enemies.

When Mannaz appears in a person’s reading in its converse position, it states that the person is dishonest. It also warns against the flaws and weaknesses that a person has.

Mannaz helps a person to analyze situations in an objective manner so that they can be handled with a strong will and if necessary faced courageously.

Properties of Mannaz

Alternate Names: Manna, Madr, Mann, Madur
Ancient Meaning: The divine ancestor or sky god
Keywords: Godhood and goddesshood, memory, humanity, order, intelligence, ancestors, sacred union
Now is the time for you to explore your inner self and those of others. Your intelligence and creativity are very well honed at the moment. Cooperation from and with others should be very easy to attain.
Reversed Description:
Mannaz reversed may indicate you are in a period of depression. Be careful when making serious decisions at this time. Trust only those whom time has proven trustworthy.
Astrological Correspondence: Jupiter
Tarot Correspondence: The Magician
Gods/Goddesses: Heimdall, Odin
Color: Rainbow
Tree: Holly
Herb: Madder
Stones: Bloodstone, Ruby, Garnet, Amber, Rainbow Tourmaline, Smithsonite, Amethyst
Animals: Wolf, raven, eagle, hound, cow, horse, fly, bear, salmon
Element: Air
Amplifies knowledge, memory, and wisdom
Comprehends the polarities of personality
Increases understanding of social order
Enhances achievement of your full potential

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