Othila RuneWhen runes were discovered, they were inscribed on weapons, tools, stones and personal belongings. The runes were believed to influence weather, tides, harvest and feelings like love. They were also used in curses and had healing powers.

Othila when translated means hereditary land or possession. It may even mean home, family, inheritance and estate. The rune is symbolic of acquisition. When it appears in a person’s reading, the rune is said to bring benefit to a person either by means of inheritance or as a birthright of the person. The rune represents everything that a person has collected in his lifetime like home, property, wealth and whatever he has inherited. Othila requires a person to focus on his goals and draw positive energy in order to achieve the goal. It also says that in order to achieve the goals one needs to concentrate but not try to force issues as it will lead to destruction.

Othila represents the alphabet O. It is ruled by the runic number 23 and the element earth. It is associated with the God Odin. The gemstone that is linked with this rune is ruby and the flower connected with Othila is the snowdrop. The rune is also called Othel or Ethel. The rune symbolizes the color yellow and male polarity. It corresponds to the full moon astrologically.

The magical powers of Othila can be used to bring about unity and peace in a family and it also helps to bring about growth and prosperity for the different members of the family. It can also be used to protect and increase the inheritance that one has obtained. In divination, the rune represents heritage, inheritance, house, home, safety and spiritual journey.

The rune brings about in a person the spirit of fair play and mental stability. It brings out the adventurous nature of a person. It also enables a person to adapt to the changing situations in life for the betterment of the person. The rune also says that anyone who is honest and just gains the maximum wealth. In addition the rune is a symbol of cultural maturity in a person and the love that one has for his family, home and friends.

When in a reverse position, Othila indicates a valueless inheritance. It also signifies that the person is immature, dull and lacks vision and forethought. It also indicates that a person who is unwilling to take a calculated risk will suffer losses. In its reverse position, Othila represents disinheritance, banishment, slavery, poverty and prejudice. The rune also indicates that a person is homeless. It also indicates that a person who has not planned well and does not participate actively loses opportunities in life and also faces a lot of problems.

When the rune appears in its converse position in a person’s reading, it signifies that an inheritance that seems to be valueless may have hidden treasures and make a person very rich. It also says that a person may tread on the wrong path as the honest way may be hidden from him.

Properties of Othila

Alternate Names: Utal, Odal, Otael
Ancient Meaning: Property acquired by heredity
Keywords: Ancestry, prosperity, inheritance, family
Othala represents a solid, immovable home, prosperity and safety. Good fortune based on your heritage and character is yours to enjoy.
Reversed Description:
Othala reversed represents chaos and homelessness—a general lack of roots. Now is a time for you to take care of that which you have, so as not to lose it.
Astrological Correspondence: The Moon
Tarot Correspondence: The Moon
Gods/Goddesses: Odin
Color: Deep Yellow
Tree: Hawthorn
Herb: Gold thread
Stones: Diamond, Emerald, Ruby, Clear Quartz, Amber
Animals: Eagle, wolf, raven, bear, hound, sheep, cow, swine, cock, hen, horse, bee, salmon, peacock, ibis, octopus, owl
Element: All Elements
Balance of the elements
Actualization of dreams
Comprehends the Oneness of the universe
Increased wisdom

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