Pertho RunePertho represents mystery and an unknown result or outcome of a situation. It signifies that to make the best of the situation and be successful, one needs to use common sense. In the spiritual sense, Pertho means the revelation of a secret. It can also be linked to birth and pregnancy. It is also connected with sexual aspects of relationships.

This rune tells a person that he has a choice in everything and anything that a person does is out of choice. If a person remains upset it is because he chooses to be upset. It also says that no one can ever exert power on somebody and force them to do or not to do something. The rune also emphasizes the need for being truthful always.

It may even represent that a person has hidden talents that need to be discovered. Pertho is said to be a rune of mysteries. It is also a rune of the warriors who tests their skills against fate. This is also a rune of understanding and intuition.

Traditionally, Pertho also represents the vagina. It is therefore symbolic of the dark place from where all life comes from and also a place where death can return.

This rune also has magical powers that can be used to bring luck into a person’s life. In divination, Pertho can represent fate, mystery, initiation, luck, destiny and fertility.
When reversed, this rune is a symbol of stagnation, loneliness, bad luck, dishonesty and misfortune. In its reverse position, the rune warns a person of failure and asks a person not to take chances. It also makes a person behave in a rash manner which one should not do if one wants to be successful. It often signifies death in its reverse state. The death may be of a person or of a situation. It also brings about misunderstanding in relationships when it is in a reverse position.

Conversely, Pertho tells a person not to take anything for granted and not to trust anyone except the close and loved ones. It also says that there is a hidden meaning behind every proposition that comes to a person.

Pertho represents the alphabet P and is also known by the name Peorth. This rune is symbolic of female polarity. The rune is associated with the color black and the flower chrysanthemum. It is ruled by the runic number 14 and the element water. It is linked with God Frigg. Astrologically, it has a correspondence with Saturn. The gemstone Aquamarine is also connected with this rune.

Properties of Perthro

Alternate Names: Pertra, Peordh
Ancient Meaning: Divination, Primal law
Keywords: Birth, wisdom, kinship, manifestation, chance, luck
Mysteries will become known to you. You should be able to see your life's path clearly at this time. Pethro is often thought of as "Gambler's Rune." You are in a lucky period right now. Chance is your ally. Take advantage of it.
Reversed Description:
This may be a period of loneliness and stagnation you must fight through. This may not be a good time for you to take chances or indulge in any form of gambling.
Astrological Correspondence: Saturn
Tarot Correspondence: The Wheel of Fortune
Gods/Goddesses: Nornir, Frigga, Mimir
Color: Black, Silver
Tree: Beech
Herb: Aconite
Stones: Moonstone, Obsidian, Clear Quartz
Animals: Falcon, hawk, wolf, hound, water snake like the anaconda, spider, chameleon, clam, oyster, cricket, dinosaur, frog, tortoise, kangaroo
Element: Water
Perceives your fate—past, present, and future
Understands cause and effect
Perceives your future through your patterns
Understands the importance of foresight
Uses ancestral wisdom to make things work for you

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