sowilo runeThe rune Sowilo when translated means the sun which is symbolic of light, wholeness, victory and discovery. The rune also represents life and fertility. It fills a person with warmth and positive energy. The rune is associated with characteristics like completeness and good health.

Sowilo brings about spiritual awareness in a person and also strengthens a person’s character. It fills a person with energy, knowledge and understanding. This rune imbibes in a person an unquenched thirst for knowledge. Since it is the natural power of the sun, this rune is considered to have a positive scope.

In the spiritual sense, the rune symbolizes victory of light over darkness, victory of the good over evil and a clear vision that helps a person to choose the right path.

It brings about life long success in a person’s life and also ensures that a person strives for more success and continues working for it. It tells a person that one has the power to bring his efforts and hard work to fruition. This rune brings about good fortune in a person’s life. It helps a person to courageously face the dark aspects of life and to find solutions to problems.

This rune also makes a person aware of the moral values that are held the highest in life. In addition it also governs aspects like victory, success, enlightenment and will of a person. It guides a person in journey of life or transformation from one stage of life to another.

Sowilo promotes dedication and optimism in a person and coerces the person to take every endeavor in his stride. It does not let a person wander from his goal and helps to achieve the goals in spite of the harmful effects and opinions of the person’s surroundings.

The rune also has magical powers and gives a person psychic capabilities. In divination, the rune represents guidance, hope, success, honor and goals. In this sense the rune also has healing capabilities.

Sowilo represents the alphabets C and S. It therefore cannot be reversed. This rune is ruled by the runic number 16 and the element air. It is symbolic of male polarity. The color white is linked with this rune. The associated God of this rune is Baldur. Sowilo corresponds to the sun in the astrological sense. It is also linked with the gemstone ruby and mistletoe.

Conversely, the rune can represent an eclipse of light, energy and life. It creates misunderstandings and brings health problems for a person. Sowilo also signifies that some information is hidden when it is in a converse position.

Though this rune does not have a reverse, it may lie in an opposite position. In this position, the rune is symbolic of false goals, bad advice, false success and also loss of hope and honor in life.

Properties of Sowilo

Alternate Names: Sugil, Sol, Sigel, Sulu, Sil, Sulhil, Sigo
Ancient Meaning: The Solar Wheel, Thunderbolt
Keywords: Partnership, journey, power, transformation, understanding
The Sun Rune, denotes power and strength. That which you want may be attained. Sowilo also denotes mental clarity and added warmth to your relationships.
Reversed Description:
Astrological Correspondence: The Sun
Tarot Correspondence: The Sun
Gods/Goddesses: Sol
Color: Gold
Tree: Juniper
Herb: Mistletoe
Stones: Ruby, Carnelian, Citrine, Golden Topaz, Cat's-Eye
Animals: Cat, wolf, boar, horse, bear, groundhog, blue jay, camel, cock, salamander, bee, cheetah, lizard, peacock, robin, snake
Element: Fire
Increases your magical patterns
Develops your extrasensory talents
Moves toward enlightenment
Aids your patterns to come to realization

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