wunjo runeThe rune Wunjo is also called Wynn and represents the alphabets W and V. It is ruled by the runic number 8 and the element water. The rune is associated with the gemstone diamond or moss agate. The flower associated with Wunjo is larkspur or love-in-a-mist. The rune is symbolic of male polarity. It has the color light blue attached to it and is also linked with gods Odin and Frigg. It corresponds to Leo astrologically. Wunjo is symbolized by the image of a clan flag or a flag of victory.

The literal meaning of Wunjo is joy. However, it can also mean happiness, light and emotional satisfaction. It represents harmony. For any person, Wunjo also means the end of all his struggles and the achievement of his goals.

Wunjo also signifies one’s wishes. It implies that one’s wishes have either been fulfilled or are yet to be fulfilled. The fulfillment of these wishes pushes one towards perfection. Wunjo focuses on the idea that everything in a person’s life goes right. It helps bring joy to life by overcoming the negativities that surround a person. It also characterizes understanding and close cooperation between companions or partners. It is also connected to rewards, winning and achievement in life.

Wunjo brings in a person the will to work to achieve happiness in life. It forces a person to find solutions to problems rather than sitting and crying over them. It helps one to achieve harmony and balance in life by building a strong foundation of honesty. It makes one aware of the fact that truth is the only way of achieving ultimate joy in life. The rune also says that good fortune comes to only those people who know the difference between the right and the wrong and the good and the bad. The rune can also be stimulating forcing one to accept changes in life.

When reversed, Wunjo implies misunderstanding. It symbolizes that one’s ambitions cannot be achieved easily and also a person will face problems if he starts something new. In reverse position, it asks people to be cautious and leaves a person unsatisfied. It also represents unhappiness and a need to delay any important decisions that have to be made.

Conversely, Wunjo signifies difficulties in relationships. It tells a person that he needs to work hard to achieve his goals. It also represents dishonesty or the fact that the truth is being hidden.

Wunjo makes a person aware of the changes that are going to take place in his life and tells the person how to adapt to these changes. It asks people to face whatever the future brings without fearing anything.

In the divine sense, Wunjo is a representative of celebration, comfort, pleasure, prosperity, glory and recognition. Wunjo in its inherent meaning ensures victory in all situations.

Properties of Wunjo

Alternate Names: Uuinne, Vend, Wynn, Vin
Ancient Meaning: Interaction of those with the same heritage
Keywords: Joy, pleasure, hope, delight, kinship, fellowship, wonderment.
Wunjo denotes joy and shared bliss. It may also represent a job well done and the satisfaction one feels from completing such a task. Wunjo brings good fortune and harmony.
Reversed Description:
Wunjo reversed may represent a basic discord and failure in your life. Possibly good fortune is not looking down on you at this time. If so it must be remembered that Wunjo also represents change, which could mean your bad luck is soon to change.
Astrological Correspondence: Leo
Tarot Correspondence: The Sun
Gods/Goddesses: Frey, Wodan, Uller
Color: Gold
Tree: Ash
Herb: Flax
Stones: Diamond, Golden Topaz, Amber
Animals: Boar, wolf, raven, horse, stag, hound, lion, bluebird, dolphin, dove, hummingbird, elephant, kingfisher, cat, bee, spider
Element: Earth
Strengthens friendships
Increased sense of joy and contentment
Increased sense of purpose
Increases family bonds
Binds energy fields together

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