wyrd runeThis rune is also called the blank rune. The runic number for Wyrd is 0 and the element that rules is air. The use of this rune became popular in rune castings in 1960s. This rune was included in the rune set in 1980s. There are some people to advice not to use this rune in the rune set. However, there are others who believe that the use of the rune was lost and rediscovered later. It is associated with God Odin and the color runic blue. Wyrd is symbolic of male polarity. Astrologically, it corresponds to Mercury. The gemstone tourmaline is associated with Wyrd as is the flower marigold.

The rune is believed to have no traditional value or significance. The rune represents fate, destiny and the God of rune magic as well. When used in divination, the rune indicates that the future is uncertain. It symbolizes the will of Gods. The rune also signifies either the end i.e. death or the beginning i.e. birth. When this appears in the reading for a person, it indicates that fate has taken control and a person loses all control over life. The significance of this rune has to be studied in relation with other runes when it appears in a reading for a person.

Wyrd or the blank rune is related to the concept of the unknown or the unknowable. The magical powers of this rune can be used to conceal matters. In divination, the rune represents the unknown, fate, karma, protection and faith. The rune signifies that an unknown source provides protection as well as guidance to a person in the journey of life.

The rune requires that a person accept whatever comes his way whether it is good or bad. It also suggests that a person gets only what is in destiny for him. The rune can also represent the beginning or end to any aspect of life like work, romance, business or wealth.

Wyrd requires a person to be true to himself. It also says that a person must not condemn another person who has chosen the opposite. This is because each person is free to select or choose whatever one likes. The rune also suggests that a person should not judge another person if one is not ready to be judged by others.

The rune neither has a reverse nor a converse. However, when it lies in opposition, the rune represents betrayal, misdirection, false gods and loss of faith.

The rune is also symbolic of death. It represents the end of a situation or one’s life cycle. The rune is also considered to represent silence. The decision of using the rune depends upon an individual who can make the decision based on what works for the person instead of listening to experts.

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