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Posted by on in Tarot
The Fool is shown in colorful and motley clothes, with a pack tied to his staff, a dog at his heels, and a cliff. The Fool sits at # 0 and is the card of infinite possibilities. It symbolizes new beginnings, new adventures, new opportunities, unlimited possibilities, pleasure, passion, thoughtlessness, and rashness; and in reverse stands for a bad decision, indecision, apathy, hesitation, and a faulty choice. The basic Tarot story of the Fool is that he travels aimlessly with all his worldly possessions in a small pack. He does not see the cliff and is likely to fall over - a daydreamer, lost in his dreams. The dog at his heels tries to warn him. The basic meaning of this card is that he is on his way to a new beginning, and that he has all he needs or wants, as is indicated by the bag on the staff. The warning associated with this card is that he should stop daydreaming, and should watch where he is going, otherwise he could fall and seem like a fool.
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The Magician is in red and white clothes, and the basic card symbols are the Lemniscate – a figure of eight on its side – symbolizing eternal life and eternity; a small wand; a table displaying a chalice symbolizing knowledge and preservation; a pentacle; a staff; and a sword. At #1, he is the male power of creation, through willpower and desire. The card symbolizes originality, creativity, skill, self confidence, and dexterity; and in reverse stands for weakness in will, insecurity, delay, no imagination

The basic Tarot story is of the Fool meeting the Magician on his way. The Magician mesmerizes him, and the Fool hands over his pack to the Magician. He magically unfolds the pack and reveals all that was lying inside – the sword of intellect, the wand of spirituality and ambition, the overflowing chalice of love and emotions, the solid pentacle of work, and possessions. With such things, the Fool can make anything of his life, but the point is – were these things already there, or did the Magician create them?

The card means that the querent will be given an idea, a solution to a problem, an ambitious career, a love life, or a job.

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The basic symbols of this card are blue, white and black colors, pomegranates, Isis moon crown, veil, solar cross, a crescent moon and pillars. The pillar B stands for Boaz - negation and severity, and the pillar J stands for Jachim – beginning and mercy. The scroll is inscribed with the word ‘Tora’ –standing for either the Jewish ‘Torah’ or an anagram of Tarot, with the last letter unseen. The card symbolizes wisdom, knowledge, learning, intuition, purity, virtue, lack of patience, and a teacher; and in reverse stands for ignorance, lack of understanding, selfishness, and shallowness.

The basic tarot story is of the Fool continuing and coming upon the High Priestess – a mysterious veiled lady, illuminated by the moon, and sitting between two pillars. She knows all about the Fool, and he, laying out the sword, chalice, staff and pentacle, asks the High Priestess to help him as she knows so much about him. She hands over the pair of scrolls, and he reads them at her feet by the light of the moon. The Fool now knows what he is to do.

This card means that the querent will learn things in order to make a decision.

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The basic Tarot symbols for this card are the gown decorated with pomegranates, a crown of twelve 6-pointed stars, a rod, a heart-shaped shield inscribed with the symbol for Venus, and a field of ripe wheat – symbolizing Isis and fertility. The Empress is a creator - of life, of romance, of art, or business, and here the idea gestates until it is ready to be born. The card symbolizes action, development, accomplishment, mother/sister/wife, and evolution; and in reverse symbolizes inaction, lack on concentration, indecision, anxiety, and infidelity.

The basic Tarot story is of the Fool, who having learnt what to do through The High Priestess, is impatient to turn his ideas into reality. As he strides forward, he meets the Empress, resting on her throne in a lush garden surrounded by grain in abundance. Kneeling by her side, he narrates his story to her. She advises him that the newly planted grain requires fertile soil, patience and nurturing, and attention. The Fool now understands that his future will take time to build and create.

This card tells the querent that if he wants his wishes to be fulfilled, he needs to exercise patience, for things to gestate and sprout.

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Interpretation Of The Tarot Card – The Emperor

The basic symbols for this card are the throne, ram’s heads – and sometimes the eagle, orb and scepter. The Emperor, as Aries – the Ram, is the infant, the first sign of the Zodiac. He naturally follows the Empress. The card symbolizes accomplishment, confidence, wealth, stability, leadership, father/brother/husband, achievement, and a capable person; and in reverse, symbolizes immaturity, indecision, petty emotions, and lack of strength.

As the Basic Tarot story continues, the Fool, after learning from the Empress how to develop his idea, now needs to manage it. He meets the Emperor sitting on his throne, and asks him how he manages to run his empire so well. The Emperor tells him that it is okay to be dreamy, creative, and patient; but one needs to be alert, brave and aggressive to be in control. What is required is a strong will and a solid base.

The appearance of this card allows the querent to be aggressive, brave, bold, and be in command. The card could symbolize, either a demanding boss, or a charismatic leader. This is the time for the querent to decide whether what he is doing is unwelcome, as a bad leader, and he needs to move on.

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