The Major Arcana represents the ‘Fool’s Journey,’ with each card representing the ebb and flow of the querent’s journey through his life. In isolation, the Major Arcana deals with the spiritual journey, but in association with the Minor Arcana, it describes the more mundane side of his life. Let us look at the interpretations of the Major Arcana – in brief.

  1. The Fool – It represents the beginning. The start of the journey, of unlimited possibilities. Stands for naivety, and inexperience.

    1. The Magician – It represents willpower, control, knowledge and genius. For the querent, this cards shows the time for creativity and power. It symbolizes the male life force (Yang).

    2. The High Priestess – It represents the female life force (Yin), and represents silence and intuition. For the querent, this card means the future is yet to be revealed, and he may be learning some odd things.

    3. The Empress – This card is the mother figure, and stands for nurturing, passion and the earthy side. The Empress is fertility personified, and stands for creation and sexuality. The card tells the querent to be patient and nurture his ambitions.

    4. The Emperor – Represents authority, and stands for ambition, practicality and responsibility. The card tells the querent to be aggressive, bold, and in command.

    5. The Hierophant – Represents conformity, and stands for culture, and moral and religious teachings. It warns the querent against being too stubborn.

    6. The Lovers – For the querent, this card may mean a divergence in career, howsoever difficult. The card stands for decisions one cannot really understand.

    7. The Chariot – It represents perseverance, a journey, a rushed decision, and adversity. For the querent, it is a new motivation to get things moving. It also implies obstacles, a struggle, etc.

    8. Strength – It is a card of courage, inner strength and confidence. The querent can control all situations. It tells the querent not to give up and have courage.

    9. The Hermit – It stands for reflection, and looking back on your spiritual influences. Represents a mentor, and will help the querent find what he seeks.

    10. The Wheel Of Fortune – It represents fate and karma. It tells us we have no control over what the fate throws at us. For a querent it may mean a good fortune.

    11. Justice – It represents cold, objective balance through reason or natural force. Though the outcome may not be what you want, it will be fair.

    12. The Hanged Man – It signifies the time for insight, a time to sacrifice a belief or even a dream. This card tells the querent things would never be the same again.

    13. Death – It represents a change, possibly a death of your old beliefs. With death comes a new beginning. It is not the end, but a precursor to a new beginning.

    14. Temperance – A difficult card to interpret, it could mean two opposite choices or beliefs, with no chance to unite them.

    15. The Devil – It represents temptation. It is also a warning not to do things in excess.

    16. The Tower – This unsettling card tells the querent that things will never be the same again.

    17. The Star – it represents your hopes and wishes – your future.

    18. The Moon – It represents illusions and delusions. For the querent, a mental rollercoaster ride.

    19. The Sun – Represents a time of success - in a relationship, at home or at work.

    20. Judgment – It tells you to sit up, and get off the fence. It is the time to make up your mind.

    21. The World – It signifies success and fulfillment. It tells the querent it is pay-off time, and he has done everything right.

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