Have you always wanted to try reading tarot cards but felt intimidated? Maybe you were daunted by the prescribed rituals and perceived need to memorize the meanings of all the cards. Perhaps you thought your psychic skills weren’t up to par. Relax! Tarot reading does not have to be that complicated, and there is actually one day of the year when everyone has an increased ability to communicate with the spirit world: Halloween.

Halloween is based on the Celtic tradition of Samhain, which was a day to celebrate the final harvest and start preparing for the darkness of winter. Modern-day pagans still celebrate this night by preparing a feast and setting a place at the table for deceased loved ones. This is not just a symbolic gesture -- many people report seeing or feeling the presence of spirits who have crossed over on this magical night, as the veil between the physical and spiritual worlds is reported to be at its thinnest.

Because the veil is so thin on Halloween, it’s the perfect time to jump-start your connection to the spirit world. While some can connect without divination tools, beginners often need something to focus on. Tarot cards are very useful in keeping your logical, thinking brain busy so that the intuitive, spiritual part of you can relax and open up to receiving messages.

You may think tarot reading depends on memorizing the meanings of all 78 cards, but the fact is you don’t have to know a thing about the images before doing a reading. You may also think it’s difficult to read the cards using only your intuition, but that’s not true, either. Intent is a very powerful thing, and all you need to do is focus on raising your vibration enough to meet the spirit world in the middle. On Halloween, the “middle” is even closer and easier to reach. Once you make this powerful connection, you’ll have the confidence to keep going on other days of the year until tapping into your intuition becomes second nature.

To prepare for a tarot reading, you must first free yourself from any distractions, such as family members who might interrupt or a TV blaring in the background. Find a safe, quiet place where you won’t be disturbed and get comfortable. Relaxation is crucial, and it’s important to find a calming ritual that works for you. You may want to try deep breathing, listening to new age ambient music, lighting a candle or saying a prayer. When you are sufficiently relaxed, imagine a clear dome around you filled with white light. Everyone has spirit guides and angels, so ask yours to join you in this wonderful space of warm, soothing light. You’ll probably feel a tingling sensation on your skin as they surround you. Take a moment to bask in the loving energy and make note of the various sensations you feel. If you have any loved ones who have crossed over, you may also ask them to join you in this dome of light. Again, be still and feel their energy for a moment.

When you are ready, shuffle your deck of cards in any way you like and think of your question. You may direct your question to a spirit guide or a specific loved one who is present. Shuffle until you feel the need to stop and place the deck face down in front of you. Still maintaining your connection to the spirits, take the card from the top of the deck and flip it over. The second you put it down, say the first thing that comes to you when you see the image. Just start talking and don’t stop until you feel you’ve gotten everything you need from that card.

For instance, if you pull the two of pentacles, you might say, “A man is juggling two pentacles. There’s a ship in the background being tossed about on the waves. I see an infinity sign around the pentacles. I’m juggling many things right now. The sea is stormy. My life is stormy, but I’m keeping all the balls in the air. It even looks like I’m dancing and still able to have fun. I’m going to be okay.”

There are no wrong answers. If you maintain an openness to the spirit world and say whatever comes to you without second-guessing yourself, you’ll get the answers you need. If you feel you need more clarification, pull the next card in the deck and start talking. Keep going until you feel your question is answered. If you’d like to ask more questions, shuffle the deck and go through the process again. When you are finished, take a moment to thank your guides and loved ones in spirit for assisting you.

Tarot reading really is that simple! When you feel more confident in your intuitive abilities, you can move on to more complicated spreads and study the traditional meanings of the cards, but this method is a great way to get past your intimidation and get on with reading. Plus, there’s no better time to get started than on a day the spirit world is within everyone’s reach.

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