We are all familiar with the phrase ‘writer’s block,’ where a writer sits in front of his typewriter (today, it would be his word processor) and is unable to type a single word. A similar situation – a reader’s block – can occur with your spread of Tarot cards in front of you, when you realize that a particular card, or cards, refuse to reveal their meaning. This could happen to a beginner, or to the best of readers, and is quite frustrating, especially with the querent sitting opposite you!

What To Do

It is normal that when you begin to do live readings initially, you will be nervous. This could contribute to reader’s block. Nervousness does not allow your intuitiveness to flow and bring forth ideas and images you need for your readings. The first thing you should do is to relax. Tell the querent that you are going in for meditation for a while. Begin by deep breathing. This is a great way to relax.

You can then try other things, such as:

Create A Proper Environment - Most experienced readers create a special environment for reading. For you, this could be a separate place, a particular table cloth, use of incense or candles, meditative music, or whatever else that triggers in you a state of mind that is receptive to inflow of intuitions. Use positive techniques of visualization, imagine that your readings are perfect, and so are the interpretations.

Remember to use these techniques and rituals regularly for them to work effectively. These will be associated with a receptive state of mind, and trigger the flow of your intuition and awareness, automatically.

Be Flexible In Your Reading – Whether you immediately understand the meanings of the cards, or are facing a block, it is not necessary that you conduct your reading in any particular ‘fixed’ order. When you layout your spread, some cards may reveal their meanings immediately, while others may not. You can always begin with the cards you understand; thereby giving you time to understand the others.

Take time to look at the cards and absorb what you see into your subconscious mind. Your subconscious mind will begin to work on the cards whose meanings are not yet clear. Start with the cards you are sure of, and start explaining to the querent. This allows you time to interpret the other cards, and they will probably fall into place by the time you finish reading the cards you understand.

Try Other Methods – Tarot cards can be read in many different ways, but readers often get into the habit of reading them in a particular way. Like quite a few readers, you too may be relying on a particular Tarot book, and sometimes the keywords assigned to a particular card or symbols may not fit into the given situation. There are different approaches to reading Tarot cards, and you can run them through your mind, and may get the ‘key’ you are looking for. The different approaches could be: Pictorial, Symbolic, Keywords, the Suits, and the Numbers.

If possible, let the spread rest, and divert your mind by doing other things. While busy elsewhere, your subconscious mind would be working on the meanings of the cards, and possibly, the meaning of the cards may pop into your mind, periodically. You will realize after some time that the meanings of all the cards are now, quite clear. It is still possible that one particular cards is still ‘troublesome’ and refuses to give up its meaning. This card could represent what the querent does not want you to see at present, but the meaning may come to you later.

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