Strength Tarot Card
The basic Tarot symbols of this card are a woman with a lemniscate hovering over her head, a lion, and a chain of roses. This card represents energy and courage, just as a lion’s hot and roaring energy. In addition, it also symbolizes an innocent maiden, who is unafraid, undaunted, indomitable, and has a steadfast will. The Strength card symbolizes strength, courage, conviction, energy, determination, and action; and its reverse symbolizes weakness, pettiness, sickness, lack of faith, and abuse of power.

The Fool, having gained victory over his obstacles, and in the state of arrogance and the feeling of power, comes across a maiden seemingly fighting with a lion. The Fool rushes in to help, but is astonished to her gently shut the lion’s mouth. The lion, in fact, is completely under her command. On asking her how she did it, she told him that it was willpower. Any beast would back down in front of a superior power. She tells him that we all need to have the power to control our on impulses lying inside us. The Fool understood what she meant.

For the querent, this card informs that he can control any situation and his own impulses also.

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