The Chariot Tarot Card
The basic symbols of this Tarot card are the chariot, an armored warrior, sun or moon symbols, the encircled rod on the winged shield, black and white sphinxes (or lions or horses), sometimes at rest. Some decks have a canopy of stars and sometimes a throne inside the chariot. It is not an easy card to interpret, and could mean an eventual hard won success. This card stands for perseverance, a journey, a rushed decision, adversity, and vengeance; and in reverse, it symbolizes defeat, failure, and being vanquished.

As the Fool progresses on his path towards his goal, there are obstacles on his way - human obstacles, adverse circumstances, and even confusion he carries in his own mind. Instead of moving forward, he fights to remain on even keel. He needs to move forward, and comes across a charioteer, with his black and white horses at rest. He asks him the best way to defeat his obstructions. The Charioteer, pointing towards the tides in the ocean, tells him not to resist the tide directly, but swim diagonally across.

For the querent this card means uniting the opposites. It implies a new motivation to get a stagnant situation moving.

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