The Hermit Tarot Card
The basic symbols of this card are a robed man or monk carrying a lantern. He has a staff, and the landscape is barren. This is a card of introspection, and analysis, denoting this is not the time for socializing or action, but of peace and solitude. This card symbolizes counsel, inner strength, prudence, caution, vigilance, patience, and withdrawal; and in reverse, it stands for imprudence, hastiness, rashness, and acts of foolishness and immaturity.

The Fool, after a long life spent creating, building, failing, and succeeding, needs time to introspect or rest. He examines whatever comes to mind, and finds a lot he had missed out in the past. It is not only about the world, but also about himself. He introspects the corners of his mind and sees things he never suspected existed. It just seemed like it all was in the beginning. Only now, in place of a Fool, with his staff with a pack on his shoulder, he had a Hermit’s staff in front of him, and a lantern illuminating him from within.

The querent who gets this card is impatient with people who cannot see what he can see, and has a desire to be alone.

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