The Lovers Tarot Card
The basic symbols of this card are an angel or cupid, a man and a woman, two trees. In some decks, there is a man standing between two women, and in some decks, one tree is flowering, but the other has fruit. The Waite Tarot cards have Adam and Eve with one tree having a serpent and apples. This card stands for love, harmony, trust, honor, the beginning of a romance, and optimism; and in reverse stands for unreliability, separation, frustration in love, and untrustworthy.

As the basic Tarot story continues, after meeting the Hierophant, and knowing fully well what to do, the Fool comes to a crossroad. He was planning to take the path of the flowering tree, but standing on the other path, in front of the fruit tree is a woman. He wishes to follow the path of the flowering tree, but he knows he cannot leave the woman behind. Diverging from his original path, he chooses her, and heads down a newer path.

The basic meaning of this card is that the querent may come across a career divergent he dare not miss, no matter the difficult, even if it is against his chosen path.

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