The Star Tarot Card
The basic symbols of this card are seven or eight stars, a kneeling woman – one foot in the water, the other on land - a pool of water, and two urns. The card is about the future, clarity of vision, a spiritual insight. The card stands for hope, faith, inspiration, optimism, insight, spiritual love, pleasure, and balance; and in reverse symbolizes unfulfilled hopes, disappointment, crushed dreams, bad luck, and imbalance.

The Fool, despondent, sits at the place where the Tower once stood. Looking around, he notices a beautiful girl with two urns. Kneeling by the pool, the girl empties one urn into the pool, and the other onto the ground. On asking, she tells the Fool that she is refilling the pool for the thirsty to drink, and watering the earth for the seeds to grow in spring. She offers him a drink of water. Seeing the Fool to be sad, she tells him that all is not lost, as he still has the knowledge, hope, and possibilities. As she fades away, a voice tells him to follow the star and have hope.

For the Querent, the card predicts unexpected help, but it is up to him to find his way to the future.

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