The Tower Tarot Card
The basic symbols of this card are a tower on a rocky outcrop, a bolt of lightening, a couple of figures falling from the tower, and waves crashing below. This card is about war, war of false concepts, between lies and truth. The card stands for a sudden change, abandonment of past, disruption, downfall, and loss of money or security; and in reverse symbolizes a rut, entrapment, caught in a bad situation, imprisonment, and following old ways.

Leaving the place of the Devil, the Fool reaches the Tower, which seems familiar to him. He realizes that he helped build this Tower in the days when he was trying to prove himself better than other people. He realizes that he had not left his self behind as he thought he had. Like the people in the Tower, he had been thinking himself a superior person, contrary to the reality. Shocked at the insight, he shouts, and a bolt of lightening shoots down from the sky, shattering the Tower, sending its inhabitants out into the waters below.

The Fool experiences clarity of vision.

For the Querent, the card means to be shaken up, making room for something new to be built.

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