Wheel Of Fortune Tarot Card
The basic symbols of this card are a clockwise turning wheel with figures or beasts on it that are rising or falling. Some cards have a sphinx on top of the wheel, and some include alchemic symbols and Hebrew letters. This is a card of luck and change, and indicates abundance, happiness, elevation, and fortune. This card symbolizes destiny, fortune, a special gain, end of a problem, unexpected events, and progress; and in reverse stands for failure, bad luck, interruption, outside influences, and unexpected events.

The staff of the Hermit in hand, the Fool heads back into the world. Things seem to happen, good things. A woman by a water wheel offers him a drink in a golden cup, and urges him to keep the cup; he stops to watch a youth swinging a sword by a windmill, admires the sword, and the youth insists he keeps it. As he wanders, he comes upon a merchant in a wagon. The merchant hands him a bag of money, saying he is randomly giving to the 10th person walking past him. The Fool is surprised by all this luck.

For the Querent, the card means a stroke of luck, an unexpected good fortune

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