The World Tarot Card

The basic symbols of this cards are a Woman or hermaphrodite dancing, a wreath in the shape of a Yoni (almond shaped circle), two wands, a cherub, an eagle, a lion, a bull. This card is about a successful conclusion, after all aspects have been accounted for and taken in. The card symbolizes completion, perfection, recognition, in addition to honors, the end result, success, fulfillment, triumph, and eternal life; and the reverse stands for imperfection, lack of vision, and disappointment.

As the Fool turns to take that final step, he finds that he is right where he started from – the cliff he nearly fell over when he was daydreaming. But now, his perspective is different. Everything is one – it is all about self. All opposites are each other, just as both the Fool and the Mystic are doorways to the mysteries of the universe. The fool takes that step off the cliff, and soars. The end is where he began, and the beginning starts at the end. The world turns, and the Fools’ journey is complete.

This is a wonderful card. For the Querent, this card means an end to a long-term project. It will be accompanied by well-earned praise, celebration and success.

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