ten of cupsThe Ten of Cups stands for joy, peace, and family. For the querent, the appearance of this card is a sign that it is time of blessings. It signifies that it is time for the fulfillment he richly deserves, and that it will come. The image on the Ten of Cups card is that of a happy and loving couple with children. Further, there is a home in the background, surrounded with trees and water. This is what the querent’s emotional life could be, at its best. The image represents an ideal which is within his reach.

The joy represented by the Ten of Cups goes beyond mere happiness and contentment. It is that feeling we get at the deepest level. It is not a very common feeling as we are overwhelmed with the travails and challengers of life.

Peace and serenity is another aspect of the Ten of Cups. When you draw the Ten of Cups, it could mean an end of hostility, and the beginning of inner peace. This card is a sign that all elements are in harmony. If there is disharmony around you, there is every possibility that it may cease. In a family, it is time for greater closeness.

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