four of cupsThe Four of Cups stands for self-absorption, apathy, and going within. The querent should be cautious that he does not get stuck in self-absorption. Instead of moving forward, his life turns back on itself, like a circular motion in the water. His life gets stuck in an emotional vortex. The querent who draws the Four of Cups may be so wrapped up in his own world that he is oblivious of his surroundings. A self-absorbed person refers only to his own interests and desires, just like the figure on the Four of Cups card. The figure is unaware of the Cup being offered to him. As he is so turned inwards within himself, he misses a precious gift.

Of course, in certain situations you do need to focus on self. Self-reflection is great at the times of stress, where you go within yourself to reflect and restore your emotional balance.

For the querent, the appearance of the Four of Cups could be a sign of apathy. If you feel you have lost all interest in activities, and your life seems to be going stale, you need to focus on things that will get you out of the emotional rut. You need to open up.

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