King Of CupsThe King of Cups stands for wisdom, calm, diplomacy, caring, and tolerance. His personality is a combination of the positive water energy of the Cups suit and the outward focus of a King. His knowledge of the world comes from his heart. Wise and understanding, he guides his students lovingly. In all situations, he is calm and relaxed, and knows intuitively what is required at any given moment. His persona exudes peacefulness, and everyone turns to him for advice as he listens attentively. Under him, all others have the freedom to grow and develop in their own way.

For the querent, the appearance of the King of Cups card means that he may need to take the kind of actions the King may take. The querent needs to respond calmly in a crisis. He needs to use diplomacy in place of using force, and must reach out to help. He must accept different points of view.

In drawing the King of Cups card during a reading, you must act in the manner he does – with tolerance, understanding, and in an atmosphere of caring. Let the special energy of the King have some meaning for you, and let yourself be inspired by what the King stands for.

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