knight of cupsThe Knight of Cups stands for being romantic (overemotional), imaginative (fanciful), sensitive (temperamental), refined (over-refined), and introspective (introverted). Whereas on one side the Knight of Cups is a sensitive person, who uses his imagination to tap the deepest levels of emotion, on the other hand, he is prone to flights of fancy, and is very temperamental. He creates beauty and shares it with others. He is moody, his emotions get the better of him, and he takes offence very easily.

If as a querent you draw this card during a reading, you need to check whether the energy of the Knight is helpful to you, or not. You need to check whether your home life is full of emotions, or is it ruled by common sense. You need to check your feelings – are they excessive, or are they appropriate. Are you being driven crazy by someone’s moodiness? If this style of the Knight is evident, it may be a time for a change, a time for balance.

If the style and energy of the Knight is missing, you may need to try something else. Express yourself instead of being restrained. Try being extravagant instead of being practical. Visit the Knight’s world of romance and beauty.

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