nine of cupsThe Nine of Cups stands for wish fulfillment, satisfaction, and sensual pleasure. The Nine of Cups is also known as the Wish Card in certain Tarot traditions. The tone of the Nine of Cups card is smugness. That feeling the cat gets when it manages to catch the canary! For the querent, the appearance of the Nine of Cups card is a sign to seek and enjoy pleasures of all kinds. It is a sign to go for pure indulgence, and delight in the senses of sight, sound, taste and feeling.

The figure on the Nine of Cups card is that of a man, with contentment written all over him. He sits confidently, arms folded, with a smiling face. He seems to exude happiness, and that he has everything he ever wanted. He seems to say that he could not be happier.

The querent, on drawing this card, may feel that all is right with his world . . . and it is a wonderful feeling. He, however, needs to be cautious that he does not indulge at someone else’s cost. He must pursue his pleasures, but have a regard for the consequences also.

Accept your responsibilities, and then enjoy your good fortune.

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