page of cupsThe Page of Cups stands for being emotional, being intuitive, being intimate, and being loving. For the querent, the appearance of the Page of Cups during a reading of the Tarot cards is a sign that an opening, that will bring him greater joy, may appear. The Page of Cups refers to Cupid and is the harbinger of opportunities for love, a chance to experience romance, and deep feelings. It stirs the emotions, and pulls the heartstrings. The querent needs to act on this chance.

Being emotional means to be moved or touched, to let your feeling show, to be sentimental or romantic, and to respond to beauty. It is the time to shed your detachment and let your heart lead the way! To be intuitive you need to receive guidance from within. You need to trust your gut reaction and act on a hunch. To be intuitive, you need to have a psychic experience.

Being intimate is another aspect of the Page of Cups. Being intimate is having special moments of togetherness, sharing something special. Being intimate is solidifying a friendship, getting closer to someone, and starting or renewing a love affair.

It is the time to feel free and express your feelings.

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