queen of cupsThe Queen of Cups stands for being loving, tenderhearted, intuitive, psychic, and spiritual. Her personality is a combination of the positive water energy of all the Cups suits and the inward focus of a Queen. The Queen of Cups always has a loving and a sensitive nature. She never reacts with impatience and anger, and has a kind word for everyone. She is compassionate and lets her heart lead the way. She is more open to her inner knowledge and trusts her intuition. She reveres all aspects of the Divine’s creation, loves and embraces everyone, is moved by the tragedies and beauties of life.

For the querent, the appearance of the Queen of Cups during a reading of the Tarot cards makes him feel and think as she does. Has he received an intuitive message, and has he been moved by another’s pain? Is he aware of the emotional climate? Does he trust his own heart?

When the querent draws the Queen of Cups card, it means her special energy means something to him. He is very much like the person she is – of gentle love, and accepting and respecting feelings for others. He needs to be inspired by her and by what she stands for.

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