seven of cupsThe Seven of Cups stands for wishful thinking, options, and dissipation. When the Seven of Cups appears in a reading of Tarot cards, it is time for the querent to see how much disorganized and disordered his situation is. The Seven of Cups stands for impracticality, sloppiness, and laxity. It is that little imp over your shoulder who tells you that though order and hard work are nice, it is much more fun to let things go! That is the essence of the Seven of Cups – letting things go.

Actually, the Seven of Cups provides balance to the efficiency, neatness, time management, and all things controlled and in order. When this card is drawn, perhaps it is the time to assess the orderliness in your life and let things fall apart! When rigidity snaps, there may be a tremendous creativity may be released. This card tells you that you have various options.

If you already are in a chaotic situation, this card perhaps is the warning to get things under control. The Seven of Cups is for balance, not for taking things to extreme. The extreme could be decadence, addiction, and abandonment. You need to backup your plans to reach your goals.

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