six of cupsThe Six of Cups stands for good will, innocence, and childhood. This is the spirit of the Six of Cups. The Six of Cups represents goodwill and caring – of which there is certainly enough in this world. It is true that there is so much violence, anger and dishonesty all around us, but so is the converse true - as represented by the Six of Cups. It simply stands for simple goodness.

The appearance of the Six of Cups encourages the querent to be kind, forgiving and generous. He hands over a drink to his spouse, he lends his car to a friend for the weekend, he fills in for a sick co-worker – these are all small gestures that are hardly noticed, but very important.

The Six of Cups helps build sweetness all around. It also stands for innocence, a word that has many shades to it. One, of course, is simple lack of guilt, in the strict legal sense; the other is being unaware of the secret, being innocent of the truth; and still another, being chaste and virtuous. Still another is the innocence of the child. Depending on the situation, these various possibilities can be applied to the Six of Cups.

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