three of cupsThe Three of Cups stands for exuberance, friendship, and community. It looks from the viewpoint of emotions, such as the feelings felt when joining with others; relations between friendship and community; etc. The image on the Three of Cups is of three women, dancing in a circle, with their arms reaching out to connect their feelings and emotions – symbolized by the Cups. The women personify the social glue that bonds everyone together. It is a symbol of coming together in love.

For the querent, the Three of Cups signifies feelings associated with friendship. It is the representation of community – the network created when we interact with each other. There is a feeling of bond. When you draw the Three of Cups, it is time to examine your attachments, from the emotional point of view. The card represents all types of support, including receiving and giving out of help, and counseling and other services.

On the Three of Cups card, one can see the women expressing elation and high spirits. The feelings are especially strong. When people feel connected, secure, and are in love, the celebrations are spontaneous. The Three of Cups stands for emotions and experience that makes you want to feel like dancing, singing, and rejoicing.

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