two of cupsThe Two of Cups stands for connection, truce, and attraction. This card is the equivalent of the Lovers card of the Major Arcana. The image of the Two of Cups card is of a man and a woman – the very picture of romantic and sexual attraction. They are looking deeply into each other’s eyes, ready to share their cups. The Two of Cups symbolizes the beauty, and power of the sexual attraction that is almost palpable, between the two of them. This is the card lovers would like to be dealt.

The Two of Cups also represents the union of any two entities. There is always a potential for bonding, whenever two forces are drawn together, be it people, groups, ideas, or talents. This is the deeper meaning of this card. If you, as the querent, draw this card, you need to look for connections, especially one-on-one connections in your life. This is the time to join forces with another, to work as a partnership. This is not the time to remain separate.

If in a conflict situation, look to resolve the conflict; if struggling with two choices within yourself, seek reconciliation.

A word of caution, though. In pairing off, ensure you do not create disharmony.

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