eight of pentaclesThe Eight of Pentacles stands for diligence, knowledge, and detail. Hard work and attention to detail – this is the essence of the Eight of Pentacles, as is seen in its card. The young person seems busy in a project that is taking up all his attention. To concentrate on the job in hand he has isolated himself from everything. For the querent, the appearance of this card during a reading is an indication that he needs to concentrate on his project/business in hand. Alternately, it could also indicate trying to meet a personal aim, a family dispute/difficulty, or some unpleasant duty – but the clear inference is: great focus and diligence.

For the querent, this is the time to pull up his socks and give his all. The plus point of this card is that the results of the labors are very satisfying and highly productive. This is the time for being meticulous. This is the time to develop new skills, external knowledge. This is the time for identifying errors and correcting them. This is the time to ensure not to be slipshod and casual.

The Eight of Pentacles card is an indication to the querent that extraordinary effort leads to success.

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