five of pentaclesThe Five of Pentacles stands for hard times, ill health, and rejection. For the querent, the appearance of the Five of Pentacles card may mean many things. It could mean that he has fallen, or is about to fall, on bad times. It could mean that he is not taking care of his body – he is in poor health. It could also mean he is facing economic setbacks. The image on the Five of Pentacles card of two cold, hungry, and sick figures is self-explanatory. The suffering portrayed in the card is easily recognizable - people without the basic amenities of life, a specter all too familiar.

This could be the time when the querent is lacking in strength and vitality. There is a need to take steps to ensure physical well-being. This could be the time when he is finding it difficult to make ends meet. This could be the time when life is hard, with no job or money. Possibly, he only has a feeling of insecurity, a fear of losing all he has worked for.

There is a spiritual component to all this. Remember that all setbacks are temporary, and comfort may be around the corner.

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